As part of our ongoing commitment and priority to improve school communications, we’ve been working with our colleagues in the Cognita team to transform the way we communicate with our community. Cognita Connect, our secure app and web-based parent portal gives parents 24-hour access to personalised news and information in relation to their child(ren)’s school life and activities via their mobile, tablet or desktop device.


What are the key benefits of Cognita Connect?

  • Single point of interaction for schools and parents.
  • An intuitive tool with a user-friendly interface to offer an improved parent experience.
  • Information available 24/7.
  • Personalised communication.
  • A completely secure platform.
  • Mobile app and web-based portal to suit each family’s preferences.


We are convinced that this new method of communication is going to become a very powerful tool that will allow us to share all kinds of content in a personalised and completely safe way with each of our families. Being able to have a direct point of contact will make our work much easier at the same time that it will also enable our families to access all the information related to their children and the school.


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