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British Education

Main highlights of the British education system

Our educational vision is based on the British National Curriculum with the particularities and characteristics of a British international school in Spain.

The British education system enables students to actively explore, investigate, and practically apply knowledge and skills fostering a deep understanding of the different subjects they study.

Structure and Key Stages

The table below shows the equivalencies between the British and Spanish education systems. It will help you understand the organisation and terminology used regarding the British education system compared to the Spanish one.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)2 – 3

3 – 4

4 – 5


1er ciclo Ed. Infantil

2º ciclo Ed. Infantil

2º ciclo Ed. Infantil
Primary Education Key Stage 15 – 6

6 – 7
Year 1

Year 2
2º ciclo Ed. Infantil

1º curso Ed. Primaria
Primary Education Key Stage 27 – 8

8 – 9

9 – 10

10 – 11
Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6
2º curso Ed. Primaria

3er curso Ed. Primaria

4º curso Ed. Primaria

5º curso Ed. Primaria
Secondary Education Key Stage 311 – 12

12 – 13

13 – 14
Year 7

Year 8

Year 9
6º curso Ed. Primaria

1º curso Ed. Secundaria

2º curso Ed. Secundaria
Secondary Education Key Stage 414 – 15

15 – 16
Year 10

Year 11
3er curso Ed. Secundaria

4º curso Ed. Secundaria
Sixth Form Key Stage 516 – 17

17 – 18
Year 12

Year 13
1º Bachillerato

2º Bachillerato

Hands-on learning approach and specialisation

Practical work helps students engage in their learning experience as they actively participate in projects, experiments, group research, workshops, and other activities, allowing them to explore through first-hand observation.

Pupils have the chance to deepen their understanding by practically applying the theory they’ve learnt. This sparks their curiosity and interest for learning, at the same time it promotes teamwork encouraging students to share ideas, collaborate with their classmates and communicate their findings.

Foreign language studies

English is a core subject in the British curriculum, but it also focuses on the study of different foreign languages such as French, German and others.

An essential aspect of our educational vision is the learning of a second and third language. In addition to English and Spanish, our students also start learning French as a second foreign language in the final stage of Primary Education (Year 5 and Year 6), continuing to studying it as a mandatory subject up to Year 11.

Our students can also study German or Chinese if they wish to once they reach Year 7. They can continue learning all these foreign languages as optional subjects once they reach Sixth Form.

Assessment and official examinations

Students will have to demonstrate the knowledge acquired over time by taking the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) at the end of Key Stage 4.

They may also pursue the AS/A-Level examinations for university admission.

British School of Valencia

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