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Early Years Foundation Stage

Learning whilst playing in our early years school

At BSV, the children’s learning experience is happy, active, fun and safe which supports their continuous progress as they begin to develop in an environment specially designed for independent and individualised learning.

Our main objectives here are to:
  • Set the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well.

  • Ensure children are kept healthy and grow up in a safe and happy environment in which their wellbeing is looked after.

  • Certify that children acquire the knowledge and skills that they need in order to start Primary school.

2-3 years old

Early Years Education at BSV Valencia: Pre-Nursery

Children in Pre-Nursery access the first stage of their education at the age of 2.

At this early age we want to:
  • Boost their independence

  • Foster social awareness

  • Develop language

  • Develop physical skills

  • Promote sensory exploration

They begin to develop new knowledge and understanding through stories, songs and sensory play whilst sharing these new experiences with their classmates.

This is a very important stage for the children in the preparation of their future learning. We introduce them at an early age to a new language such as English, being 100% of their school day in this language.

With a maximum of 15 children in the classroom, Pre-Nursery students have an English-speaking teacher and the permanent presence of a teacher assistant who ensures the attention that children require. The pupils are also taught by specialist teachers for P.E. and Music.

The most important thing for us right now is that our child comes to school happy every morning. Despite his young age, we are very pleased with the way he is learning more and more each day.

– Pre-Nursery family

3-4 years & 4-5 years old

Early Years Education at BSV Valencia: Nursery & Reception

Nursery and Reception prepares the children for the Primary stage of their education.

100% of their school day is in English. Children begin to learn this language whilst playing games, participating in activities and by living different experiences that they share with their classmates and teachers.

With a maximum of 22 children in Nursery and 23 children in Reception, they all have an English-speaking teacher and the permanent presence of a teacher assistant who ensures the attention that children require. The pupils are also taught by specialist teachers for P.E. and Music.

Reception students can also enjoy our extra-extracurricular activities programme.

For more information, please visit Extra-Curricular Activities.

The Nursery and Reception students learn new skills, acquire new knowledge and demonstrate their understanding through seven main and specific areas of learning:

Main areas of Early Years

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

Specific areas of Early Years

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

A learning environment designed for our youngest

The Early Years facilities have been completely renovated. Children enjoy a dynamic and inspiring environment where they are able to develop their imagination and creativity thanks to flexible spaces that facilitate active and collaborative learning.

Students have an independent entrance to the school and all classrooms include toilets to facilitate their independence as well as specific furniture for their age.

Children enjoy their own playground area, and they also have a separate dining room with tables and chairs specific for their age.

Given the location of the school, both the dining room and bus service are optional for all our families.

Our Early Years team

BSV counts on a team of devoted professionals, not only academically prepared but who invest their time and dedication to promote their student’s wellbeing.

Early Years Coordinator & Reception teacher

Miss Amanda

“Have you ever noticed how much children smile? Working in Early Years is the most fun and rewarding job! We make sure that a significant part of the children’s development involves promoting active play, critical thinking and making sure that the little ones have plenty of opportunities to explore and develop their curiosity about the world around us”.

Pre-Nursery teacher

Miss Mary

“My job gives me the joy of discovering new things everyday with my students. I see how play activities we organise stimulate children's creativity in their early years and foster enthusiasm and an interest in learning”.

Nursery teacher

Miss Denise

“In Nursery there are no limits to our imagination, each day is a new experience”.

Creating a unique learning experience

5 - 11 years old


11 - 16 years old


16 - 18 years old

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