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Wellbeing Programme

Our community’s wellbeing is at the heart of what we do

We strongly believe that knowing each individual child is key to provide the care and support that they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Our enrichment programme establishes the necessary support mechanisms and resources to develop students’ character, taking care of both their physical and mental wellbeing by providing a safe, high quality and positive learning environment.

We also implement all contributors to Cognita’s Be Well Charter. This can be seen in our annual event known as the Global Be Well Day when all Cognita Schools around the world focus entirely on wellbeing.

Be Well Charter

Pastoral care

At BSV, we think that every child is unique and may progress differently depending on their personal circumstances.

Students should feel safe and taken care of, both in school and outside of school. It’s essential for them to receive the appropriate support to ensure they can reach their full potential whilst they grow confident and develop a positive outlook on life.

Through our PSHE programme (personal, social, health and economic education), we manage to build social and emotional competencies such as resilience, self-esteem and interpersonal skills. These encourage healthy behaviours and aid achievement in and out of school.

BSV has been recognised as International School of the Year 2023 by STEER Education thanks to the implementation of an innovative assessment tool called STEER Tracking which measures, tracks and improves the self-regulation and mental health of students who may have emerging mental health risks but are not showing visible signs of vulnerability.

Safeguarding team

Safeguarding leaders in schools are responsible for ensuring that all students are protected from harm and that appropriate measures are in place to prevent and respond to any issues related to safeguarding. This includes child protection, online safety, bullying, mental health, and wellbeing.

BSV’s safeguarding team is made up of the child protection & wellbeing coordinators, mental health first aiders, digital and LGBTQIA+ leaders as well as the psycho-pedagogical department. BSV’s safeguarding team is available for both the students and their families when needed.

Safe space

In this regard, BSV has a safe space which pupils can visit whenever they need to for any reason. The purpose of a safe space is to provide students with a sense of belonging, respect, and safety, regardless of their background, identity, or experiences.

At BSV, pupils can express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions freely, without fear of judgment or discrimination as we strongly believe students should have a sense of belonging and always feel listened to.

British School of Valencia

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