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Welcome to British School of Valencia

Located in the heart of the city, British School of Valencia (BSV) is a private international school for students aged 2 - 18 years old.

BSV strives to offer a distinct educational model providing an excellent British education both at an academic and human level basing its curriculum on the values of responsibility, curiosity, respect and motivation.

We are very proud of the learning environment we provide our students

A family atmosphere where collaboration and willingness to share their educational experience makes the students feel unique, understood, appreciated and loved.

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British School of Valencia

British Education System

Based on the British curriculum, our teaching aims to strengthen the cultural ties between Britain and Spain, encouraging the integration of our students, motivating and stimulating them at an academic and personal level.

BSV is recognised by both the British and Spanish education authorities. Students obtain both official certificates: A-Level and Spanish Bachillerato qualifications.

The school nurtures an all-round personal development, fostering students’ individuality and social integration for them to tackle future social and professional responsibilities.

From our British School to Academic Excellence in Valencia

Through a combination of hard work from the students, as well as the guidance and support of their teachers, pupils manage to reach their goals in their official examinations. This allows our students to get into the university of their choice, whether in Spain, the UK or any other foreign country.

BSV Community

Since the school was founded in 1992, BSV has continued to thrive and improve to meet the shifting requirements of an ever-changing world.

Throughout this transformation, the school has made it a priority that the family feeling fostered from the very beginning continues to pervade.

Meet our Acting Headteacher, Flor Medina

With more than 30 years of experience in education at Early Years, Primary, Secondary and University level, Flor Medina has been linked to BSV since 1998 in every teaching role throughout the school. Since 2019, when BSV joined Cognita Schools, she has been Deputy Head and Safeguarding Lead.

“It’s important to support students throughout their learning experience, encouraging them to be adaptable, have a growth mindset and be critical thinkers in order to thrive”.
We love the family atmosphere at the school as well as the excellent academic level and the individual approach to the student’s needs”

– Year 1 parents, Voice of Parent Survey 2023

Our teachers of our school in Valencia

BSV rely on the essential contribution of highly qualified teachers to make our educational vision a reality.

Made up of British and Spanish staff, but also from other nationalities such as French, German, Chinese or American, our teachers invest their time and dedication to improve their student’s wellbeing, motivating and guiding them throughout their educational journey.


Creating a unique learning experience

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16 - 18 years old

British School of Valencia

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