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Mission, Vision & Values

Learn to be Yourself

At British School of Valencia, we provide a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that empowers students to achieve academic excellence and personal growth by fostering their unique talents.

Our mission and core purpose is to build success through a balance of academics, relationships and character development.

Our vision statement

We make sure that our children feel appreciated, taken care of, motivated, and prepared for learning.


We are committed to achieving greatness, ensuring success for all students, and recognising their accomplishments.


We will extend their learning potential by offering a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum.


We will create ambitious students and future leaders who take on challenges and show resiliency.


We will foster open communication through constant collaboration between home and school.


We will provide a secure, outstanding, and constructive learning environment, making our student's wellbeing one of our fundamental pillars.

Our values

Our core values, the path to success:


Fostering responsibility in students empowers them to take ownership of their learning and behaviour within the school community. Responsible students are reliable and demonstrate good judgment, something which we believe helps support a safe and strong learning environment.


When students are curious, they actively seek know-how and are more determined to ask questions to engage in critical thinking. At BSV, we believe that curiosity fuels creativity, problem-solving and a desire to understand the world around them.


Respect should always be present in every aspect of our lives, no matter our age or background. By promoting respect, we foster a sense of empathy, understanding, and acceptance amongst students and staff.


This is the driving force behind student engagement and success. When students are motivated, they set up their own goals and objectives, they tend to challenge themselves and actively participate in their learning to reach their full potential.

Our educational aims

  • To provide a learning environment where everyone is regarded as an individual, has the chance to reach their full potential, and enjoys all parts of school life.

  • To teach a well-rounded curriculum that is aspirational and created to provide all students with the information, abilities, and comprehension necessary to thrive in life.

  • To facilitate and make learning fun for children, our curriculum will make sure that our students are exposed to a variety of activities, events, and new experiences.

  • To prepare children for their role in society as self-assured, content, and tolerant citizens.

  • To encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning and lines, using their imagination and resourcefulness.

  • To foster collaboration and teamwork so that students can learn how to help one another, communicate clearly, and build good connections.

  • To actively promote good mental health will be a high priority for all members of the school community and will support lifelong emotional wellbeing.

  • To collaborate with families to seek out chances for students to share their learning with parents and caregivers.

  • To ensure that students understand their place in the larger world whilst using our community as a springboard for many areas of study.

  • To take a holistic view of every individual and provide a range of activities and events to encourage children to try new experiences and develop areas of interest.

Creating a unique learning experience


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British School of Valencia

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