Ranking of Best International Schools in the Comunidad Valenciana by El Mundo


British School of Valencia has been included in the list of the 12 best international schools in the Comunidad Valenciana done by El Mundo newspaper which evaluates 27 aspects regarding the school’s teaching criteria and educational offer.


The most valued aspects for British School of Valencia to appear in this ranking have been that the school is recognised by both the British and Spanish educational authorities, which allows students to obtain both degrees (English and Spanish), their language offer which includes English, French, German and Chinese, as well as BSV’s Awards for Academic Excellence for the Secondary and 6th Form students who have obtained the best results in the official examinations.


El Limonar International School Villamartín (Alicante), is the other Cognita School in the Comunidad Valenciana which has been included in this ranking.


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Las Provincias ‘The Best Educational Centres’ 2020


Here you have the article published in Las Provincias newspaper about ‘Best Schools’ where they mention British School of Valencia.


BSV will never stop working to offer the best human and academic education for all our students, this will always be the most important part of our task as educators. We hope you enjoy the article.