BSV students have shown they have worked very hard to achieve some excellent results in the IGCSE, A-Level and the Pruebas de Competencias Específicas (PCE). Through a combination of hard work from the students as well as the guidance and support of their teachers, our students have managed to reach their goals in the official examinations.


Highlights Pruebas de Competencia Específicas (PCE)

  • Out of 42 students the average results have been 3,083 out of 4 points which is the highest mark that can be obtained in these exams.
  • The average mark out of 10 has been 8,74 points and 11,93 out of 14 points.
  • 13,81 is the highest result achieved out of 14 points.
  • 25% of the students have achieved over 13 points out of 14.


Highlights IGCSE:

  • 90,3% of all grades achieved are passing grade.
  • 31,5% of all grades awarded were between level 9 and 7/A and A*.


Highlights at A-Level:

  • 96,6% of all grades achieved are passing grade.
  • 38,5% of all grades awarded were A and A*.


Well done to everyone who has worked so hard to obtain such outstanding results!