Dining Room

BSV has a dining room service for all the parents who decide that they want their children to eat at school. The school has two independent dining rooms, one for the Pre-Nursery up to the Year 2 students and another one for the Year 3 up to the Year 11 students.  

The dining room service begins at 12:30pm for the younger students in Early Years until 02:30pm for the elder students.

During the lunch break, younger children enjoy nap time after lunch. The rest of the students divide their time participating in the school ‘Societies’ where they are able to enjoy different activities as well as having some free time on the playground. This depends on the year group/age of the student. 

If a student stays at school for lunch, they are not allowed to bring their own food from home (except for a morning and/or afternoon snack).


School menus are drawn up by specialist nutritionists from Scolarest, our catering service provider and supervised by the school. 

We always strive to provide a varied, quality and balanced diet for the students, placing special emphasis on education while also ensuring they receive a balanced diet. We aim to instil socially acceptable as well as healthy eating habits and conduct, encouraging self-sufficiency in the youngest students as far as their age allows.

Normal menu 

In order to cover all the dietary needs of our students we offer different types of special menus which include diet menus, allergies, vegetarian… 

Choosing one or another will always depend on the parents request.

Special menus diet/allergies/stomach complaints
  • (Lactose, egg, fish, celiac…)