Wellbeing Resources

How do we promote wellbeing in the BSV community?

Our community’s wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. It’s key to living a happy and healthy life.

At BSV we promote physical and emotional wellbeing by implementing all contributors integrating our Be Well Charter. This can be seen in our annual event known as the Global Be Well Day when all Cognita Schools around the world focus on wellbeing.

We also have a Wellbeing Coordinator which has created an enrichment programme which establishes the necessary support mechanisms and resources in order to develop our students character for them to have a healthy lifestyle taking care of both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Covid-19 Protocols

Details to our response to the outbrake, latest news and advice to keep our school community safe.

Stay active! Keep your Physical Wellbeing

Follow our P.E. teachers workouts!

Our P.E. department is organising different challenges and workouts you are able to do whilst being at home. They have created their own Twitter account @BsvPe which we encourage you to follow to keep informed. You will also find all their videos on BSV’s social networks Facebook y Twitter.

Here you have some of their Challenges.

Stay active! Keep your Emotional Wellbeing

Relax whilst you listen to our Music teachers play and sing

Following the same idea of our P.E. teachers, the music department has also created a Twitter account @MusicBsv.

Here they recommend different songs, send videos and share other music content. A beautiful way to relax and disconnect.

Here you have some of their videos which you will also find on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Contacts and online support for our students

Whilst it is perfectly normal to feel anxious in the current circumstances, we feel that our students and community can always benefit from some additional emotional support. 

BSV wellbeing team
Contact our deputy head & child protection/wellbeing coordinator or our school psychologist & wellbeing/mental health lead. 

Wellbeing team 
Contact our deputy head & child protection/wellbeing coordinator or our school psychologist & wellbeing/mental health lead. 

Fundación Anar 
Help for children and teenagers. Valencia Organisation T: 96 160 48 33 – M: 687 511 246 – Chat line available

Childline Comunidad Valenciana
116 111

Childline UK
+44 800 1111

Big White Wall
Online community for people who are stressed, anxious or feeling low

Cognita Be Well Tips

Return to school tips for parents

The return to school this year will not resemble any other. There is much talk about the ‘new normal’ following the Covid-19 pandemic, but in reality, there is no ‘normal’ and it is likely that any sense of predictable equilibrium is still some way off. 

Talking to your kid about Coronavirus

The fast-moving developments and intensive news coverage in relation to coronavirus can be challenging for parents.  The following tips for parents compiled by our Cognita Education and Wellbeing Team are designed to help when discussing the issue with your child.

Sleep during Covid-19 

The nature of our sleep changes considerably throughout infancy, childhood, our teenage years and into adulthood. The Covid-19 Pandemic is a global crisis, which is  demanding on our physical and mental health. We should think about why and how sleep plays such a critical part in improving our health.