School of Music

This school year at BSV we’ve built some new soundproof booths equipped with different instruments for the students to use.

These new spaces have allowed us to create a School of Music for all our students who wish to learn to play an instrument such as the guitar, drums, violin, ukulele, piano or take singing lessons.

Our main objective is for students to enjoy music whilst they learn more about musical language.

In this way we will be able to:

  • Stimulate their imagination and creativity
  • Improve their cognitive abilities
  • Increase their coordination
  • Sharpen their hearing capacity
  • Build a new bridge to socialisation amongst students
Students will receive 30 minutes/week of private music tuition across the school year (30 sessions in total). This lesson will take place during the school day; lesson times will change on a weekly basis. The annual price of the 30 classes that the student will receive throughout this school year is 630€ and can be divided or paid in one single payment.