Valencia International School Fees

Here you will find all the information about the school fees, including additional school services.

If you need further information regarding the enrolment procedure, you can visit our admissions process. 

Academic Fees 2022-2023

2-3Pre-NurseryInfantil 2 años616€
3-4NurseryInfantil 3 años616€
4-5ReceptionInfantil 4 años 616€
5-6Year 1Infantil 5 años 667€
6-7Year 21º Primaria 667€
7-8Year 32º Primaria 667€
8-9Year 43º Primaria 667€
9-10Year 54º Primaria 667€
10-11Year 65º Primaria 667€
11-12Year 76º Primaria 805
12-13Year 81º ESO 805€
13-14Year 92º ESO 805€
14-15Year 103º ESO 805€
15-16Year 114º ESO 805€
16-17Year 121º Bachillerato 826€
17-18Year 132º Bachillerato826€

Admission Fee

3250€ (1600€ if there is any brother or sister in the school). 

Early bookings can split this fee in two payments: first payment to confirm the place 1250€; second payment in April 2000€. 

The total amount should be paid before the academic year starts.


To confirm the pupil’s enrolment in the school you must bring the requested documentation and do the admission fees payment.

Once the admission fee has been paid, there will be a cooling off period of 10 days, after which the school will not refund the payment.

The amount of 3250€ corresponds to the registration of the student at the school for the first time. This amount is reduced to €445* for the renewal of the registration annually. (*mandatory payment no refunds). 

In case of siblings, please contact the school.

Other Services

School material: 242€ (per term).

Text books: the school will send the books invoice in November.

Uniform: the uniform is available at El Corte Inglés. For more information please visit our Uniform section. 

Transport: optional service, monthly fee 199€. For more information please visit our Dining Room section. 

Dining room: optional service, monthly fee 199€. For more information please visit our Transport section. 

Morning club: 
optional service, 7:50am to 8:50am, monthly fee 50€.

Afternoon homework club: optional service, 4:30pm to 5:00pm or 4:30pm to 5:30pm, monthly fee 25€ or 50€.

Extracurricular activities: price depends on the activity. For more information please visit our Extracurricular Activities section.

School of music: 630€ (30 classes in the school year). It be divided or paid in one single payment. For more information please visit our School of Music section.

Summer school: price depends on the chosen dates. For more information please visit our Summer School section.