British School of Valencia

Educational Project

British School of Valencia is certified and recognised by both the British and Spanish education authorities. Our students obtain both the British and Spanish Secondary Education and Higher Secondary Education qualifications.

Based on the British education model, our teaching aims to strengthen the cultural ties between Britain and Spain, encouraging the integration of our students and motivating and stimulating them at both an academic and personal level. 

To make our educational project a reality we rely on the essential contribution of our highly qualified teaching staff, made up of British and Spanish staff, but also from other nationalities such as French, German, Chinese or American. 

An essential aspect of our educational project is the learning of a second and third language. In addition to Spanish and English, our students also learn French as a second foreign language in the final stage of Primary Education (Year 5 and Year 6) and continue studying it as a mandatory subject up to Year 11. Since we are aware of the importance of language learning today, our students are also given the chance to study German or Chinese and continue learning French once they reach 6th Form as an optional subject. 

At British School of Valencia we believe it is very important to transmit to our students the values of respect, tolerance and open-mindedness. We also place special emphasis on the student’s self-organisation, encouraging critical thinking, personal effort, teamwork and strong study habits as a means of all-round personal development, fostering their individuality and social integration in order to tackle future social and professional responsibilities.

It is a great satisfaction for us to see how the children who once began this journey with us, today have become young adults with an excellent personal and academic education who confidently and enthusiastically face their university studies.