Alumni Testimonials

Our old alumni share their experiences at school and
how their time at the British School of Valencia influenced their personal and professional lives.

Promotion 2017

Anabel Ferragud Pascual

Growing in BSV has been so gratifying for me. Thanks to the school I’ve learnt a series of values which have helped me become the person I am today. The teachers dedication towards […]

Promotion 2017

Nuria Bas Gil

All the years I’ve spent in BSV have provide me with essential knowledge and understanding both intellectually and personally. As well as having a high level of English, French and German, we’ve also learnt studying techniques which are now essential […]

Promotion 2016

Cristina Madrero Soria

BSV has always felt like home and thanks to them I’ve grown to become the person I am today. Learning new languages as well as understanding the importance of learning both theoretical and practical knowledge has been essential in order […]

Promotion 2015

Wanyan Pan Jiang

I am very grateful for the education and nurturing that I have received in BSV during my years here. All the effort that my teachers have put in will reflect in my results at the end of year 13. […]

Promotion 2015

Carla Eymar de la Cruz

It is gratifying to know that the people I have educating me will put all their heart into helping me achieve my goals for the future.

Promotion 2015

Germán Germán de Souza

These days it is great opportunity to be able to learn another language from a very early age. During my years in this school I have received a great deal of support from the teachers, which, day by day, has […]

Promotion 2015

Estefania Olivares del Rey Vilanova

I feel very accomplished regarding my studies in BSV. They have not only educated me to become a future professional, they have also taught me values that helped me become the person I am today. From my experience I’d like […]

Promotion 2015

Paula García Mora

My experience at BSV has been extremely rewarding. Thanks to the effort and support of those involved in my education, I managed to successfully start a new academic stage in my life thanks to the values I’ve received during the […]

Promotion 2014

Lucía Pons Escat

British School of Valencia has given me the best academic experience I could ever have thanks to its distinct educational project and all the excellent professionals who form the school. They have all helped me to achieve my highest potential.

Promotion 2014

Alejandro Carrillo Ramírez

Studying in BSV has been a unique experience for me both personally and professionally. The knowledge and skills I have acquired during these years are enabling me to start a new phase in my life. BSV students should make the […]

Promotion 2014

Aitana Ferrando Anguix

British School of Valencia has educated me from the first moment I became part of this educational institution. They have taught me both academically and personally and I’ve had the chance to learn English, one of the most important and […]

Promotion 2014

Ana Blasco Hurtado

I can now say how lucky I’ve been to study and grow as a person in BSV, with some teachers that with persistence have educated me in good values. Now that I’m able to look back in time, I would […]

Promotion 2014

Ma Amparo Bas Gil

BSV has been essential in my life. The management and the teachers have put all their effort to help me become the person I am today, both personally and academically. I have no doubt that, thanks to this solid basis, […]

Promotion 2013

Jaime Santonja Civantos

It has been both an exciting and challenging experience being part of this school; the abilities I have developed here will certainly help me reach my future life goals.

Promotion 2013

Paula Ibáñez Juste

In BSV both the teachers and management try their best to make us reach our highest potential. Being able to speak different languages opens many doors allowing us to become future professionals. If you are looking for both an enriching […]

Promotion 2012

Alejandro Armiñana González

Nowadays, learning new languages has become essential for our future. BSV has not only allowed me the opportunity to learn English; they have also offered me a quality education full of values and principles. Once you leave BSV, you realise […]

Promotion 2012

Laura Reyes Martínez

The BSV has given me the opportunity to understand different cultures and this has opened many doors to my future.

Promotion 2012

Kevin Li Jiang

In BSV I have learnt self-discipline and behaviour towards other, as the school prides itself on teaching this discipline. We are taught to communicate and act with respect and politeness, which has helped me academically as well as socially in […]

Promotion 2012

Enrique de Casimiro Ludeña

My experience in BSV has been enriching both personally and academically. This is mainly due to the family atmosphere that exists in the school, which is incomparable to anything else. During my years in BSV, I’ve had the chance to […]

Promotion 2011

Ester López Lafuente

Undoubtedly, being a former student of BSV has given me the chance to achieve all of my goals thanks to the education I have received during the years, the teachers and the school’s management. The teachers, in addition to some […]

Promotion 2010

Carlos Reyes Martínez

Having studied at the BSV has given me limitless possibilities.

Promotion 2010

Alejandra Ramis Parera

BSV for me has been an enriching experience both on a personal and professional level. I learnt to be the person I am today and helped me gain the abilities that have allowed me to succeed in University.

Promotion 2010

Muduan Li Jiang

The BSV has been a second home to me for years. In its classrooms I’ve enjoyed learning and growing as a person thanks to great friends and impressive teachers. Without doubt it was a very happy time that I have […]

Promotion 2010

Alejandro Morillo Olaverri

In a global society, learning new languages is no longer an option it is a necessity for anyone who wants unlimited potential. This is where the BSV comes in.

Promotion 2010

Laura N. Herrero Díaz

We always felt at home at the BSV. They have helped us grow as people and have helped us become society’s future professionals.

Promotion 2010

Alejandro Hidalgo García

The School always trusted us and helped us build our future. We had the opportunity to grow together.

Promotion 2007

Julio Pons Escat

BSV has given me a quality British Education, with the skills and aptitudes I need for to affront my university studies with the uttermost success. All this provided by the best professionals that have always made me feel welcome […]