The school has a transport service available for all the families who require it. For this service we have a fleet of buses of different sizes to cater to the needs of the different routes we are currently running. In this way, due to careful planning of routes, we are able to make sure that the journey time is cut down considerably covering both the metropolitan area of Valencia and the outlying towns and villages.

The transport service is normally requested by parents before the start of each academic year. When planning this service every year, our aim is to cover the needs of individual families whilst making sure that the journey to school is done in the safest, most comfortable way possible mainly thanks to the bus drivers and the members of staff responsible for supervising the school routes.

We also aim to increase the flexibility of the service by offering the chance to use the buses permanently or just in the mornings or afternoons, or even on certain days of the week, depending on the needs of the student.