Official Exams

The British education system is characterised by end of Key Stage exams at the end of each phase of the children’s education.  These exams are provided by outside examination agencies and marked externally to assure an objective overview of the level of attainment.

At the end of the corresponding school years the students in the last year of the Key Stage are tested with oficial examinations.

The exams we take here at the British School of Valencia are set and corrected by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).  These exams are taken on the school premises which have been inspected, recognised and awarded the title of examination center.

The AS/A’Level exams taken here at the British School of Valencia are set and marked by a variety of examining bodies such as Cambridge International Examinations, EDEXCEL or AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance).

The exams taken at each stage are as follows:


In order to pass Secondary Education and opt to the recognised Spanish equivalent issued by The Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, pupils must pass at least 5 subjects (IGCSE titles) with a qualification of C or more. However our pupils prepare nine IGCSE subjects amongst which they have mathematics English and Science. For further information you can check the section Academic Aspects.

General Educación Certificate (GCE)

Cambridge International Examinations awards this diploma to recognise the merit of those students who obtain at least seven IGCSE exams, distributed in five different categories which ensure a balanced education and cover the areas of Languages, Humanities and the Social Sciences, Science, Mathematics and a final group covering the more Creative and Technical areas of the curriculum.

The title is awarded in three different grades which are as follows: