Year 4 Dragons and Vikings

After studying the Vikings there is no better way to finish the topic than going on a trip to find out more about the hidden dragons in Valencia. Our journey began at the Plaza del Patriarca to see the Real Colegio Seminario del Corpus Christi. Here you can find the Dragón del Patriarca, a crocodile called Lepanto which the viceroy of Peru gave to Saint Juan de Ribera. When the crocodile died in 1606, Juan de Ribera asked for the animal to be hung up on the wall of the church. After this visit we walked to El Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas and to La Lonja de la Seda where the students had to find some of these medieval creatures decorating the walls of the building.

Here you have a video of one of the activities they’ve done in class about Lindisfarne, the first monastery attacked by the Vikings in 793, year which is considered to be the beginning of the Viking Age. Using an app they’ve been able to animate and put voice to the drawings they had done about the sacking of the monastery.