Year 13 University Studies Talk

A few weeks ago our Year 13 students enjoyed a talk with Álvaro Chiner who came to talk about the decisions he had to make when he was going to university. We believe that addressing this topic is important because in many occasions students have doubts about what they should study. In Álvaro’s particular case he had one thing clear about what he wanted to do. He enjoyed IT and biology so first of all he decided to study computer science and after that he went to study biology. Today he has managed to join both of his passions working at the Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia in bioinformatics. This talk was very useful for the students as they understand that it’s up to them to decide about their future in university. We would like to thank Álvaro for the visit and Miss Blanca for organising it. We are sure that our Year 13’s will choose the path that’s best for them.