World Challenge Tanzania 2018

This summer, 13 students from BSV went to Tanzania to promote education in rural countries. They were able to travel thanks to the World Challenge company that helped them organise the expedition. It consisted of 4 phases: acclimatization, trekking, project and rest and relaxation. Our students arrived in Dar Es Salaam and had to get used to hustle and bustle of this amazing city. They also had to go to the market to barter for food and equipment necessary for the week they had to spend on the trek and during the project phase. This was a steep learning curve and the students performed exceptionally.

Following an 8-hour bus journey to the Southern part of Tanzania they arrived at Crocodile Camp to start the trek. 18 kilometres of bush and wildlife and a ferry over a river in a wooden dugout canoe later, they arrived to the campsite 8km from their project site in Msosa village. Once they got there they worked on two different projects. The first was to finish constructing the toilets necessary for the new nursery school and the second one was painting the primary school in the next village as well as playing and teaching the children. This was a very difficult and emotional time for all of them as they realised how privileged they are compared to the children living there. It was both emotionally and physically rewarding to see the appreciation and smiles after the long hours of work they had to put into the project.

Once the project phase was completed they had some time to broaden their experience of Africa. They were lucky enough to go on safari in Mikumi National Park and have a fantastic relaxing day and a half on the island of Zanzibar where they spent time exploring the markets and snorkelling on the reefs. At the end it was a quick flight back to Spain and the open arms of the families who supported their great adventure. A very rewarding experience they will never forget.

The next World Challenge Adventure is to… Borneo for a possible two-part project involving conservation of endangered sea turtles that use the beaches to lay their eggs as well as a community based project. It will also include helping the Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary with reforestation to help this endangered species.

Experience World Challenge Tanzania 2018