Friday Club Primary

Friday afternoons at BSV are really fun and exciting as children learn whilst they enjoy really entertaining activities. From yoga and tai chi, to the art of origami, the cooking club or even cross-stitch work. These are just some of […]

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BSV in EmTech 2014

With help from the organizers of this event, we decided to increase our presence in EMTECH España 2014 to our 6th Form as we were sure this would be a very positive experience for them. Reality has exceeded our expectations, […]

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Year 2 Príncipe Felipe Museum Pequeastronomía

What are the differences between an asteroid and a meteorite? What planets make up our Solar System? What is the Moon? And what is the Sun? These and many other questions were able to answer Year 2 students during their […]

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American School Sports Competition

British School of Valencia was invited to the sports competition organised by the American School of Valencia, an inter-school tournament with 5 other international schools from Valencia on a morning marked by sport and fun. Boys and girls participated in […]

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Year 5 Greek Day

Pupils in Year 5 enjoyed a very different school day as they had the opportunity to live with their classmates and teachers a day in Ancient Greece as they have been studying these past few weeks. To get the students […]

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Year 3 Trip to Sagunto Castle

The trip to the city of Sagunto started with a panoramic visit to the church Parroquia de la Asunción de Santa María where the history of the church was explained, inviting Year 3 to participate and share their point of […]

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Nursery Trip to Títeres Los Duendes Theatre

Our youngest enjoyed an experience at the theatre where they saw the play “Ratoncito Pérez”. A really entertaining play which called their attention with a plot they were able to participate in. Laughing and playing with Ratoncito Pérez made it […]

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Paula Sáez Mora Visit

BSV has received a very special visit this week. Paula Sáez Mora, the finalist of the youth literature award As de Picas, came to the school to talk and share her experiences with the students of the centre. Paula has […]

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Year 4 Trip to Segorbe

The trip to Segorbe started with a visit to the wall and the aqueduct, two of the elements with mayor history of the town. Year 4 were given an explanation of the value of these two architectural pieces in the […]

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Year 8 Trip to Bocairent

Year 8 have visited Bocairent to learn about emblematic towns. Everyone was excited about visiting Covetes dels Moros. A bit nervous at the beginning, but determined to cross the narrow caves, children have enjoyed a thrilling morning full of excitement. […]

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Visit to the Monastery at Simat de Valldigna

The students of Year 7 spent a wonderful day on a cultural visit to the Monastery in Simat de Valldigna.  When we arrived we split into groups.  One group visited the emblematic Monastery while their colleagues visited the Chapel of […]

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Visit to the Print Museum

The pupils in Year 1 were very lucky to meet Johannes Gutenberg himself on a visit to the Print Museum in the Monastery of el Puig.  The father of the printing press showed the children all the hidden secrets involved […]

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Year 3 Excursion Farm School

A trip which is always enjoyed by the children is the stay at the Farm School ‘La Salle’ in Lliria.  For the girls and boys in Year 3 it was a great adventure to spend the night away from home […]

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Year 5 Excursion Horseback Riding

Feeding horses, brushing them and riding them as well as learning how these animals live  have been some of the activities Year 5 children have been able to enjoy during their trip to The Horseback Riding and Jumping School of Valencia. […]

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Year 6 Excursion Cyclotourbike River Turia

Year 6 pupils have enjoyed a very exciting and entertaining morning with their peers and teachers.  A trip noticeable for sports, children have experienced Cyclotourbike, an enjoyable, open air activity which took them on a ride throughout the riverbed, riding […]

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Welcome to the new British School of Valencia web page!

By creating this new website we hope to share with you breaking news, interesting activities and the fantastic experiences involving our students, your children and in this way bring school life into your living room!! Our intention is to create […]

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