Hazel visits BSV!

This week the children from Reception received a very special visit! They had the chance to meet Hazel, a very cute little rabbit which was cuddled and patted while they played with him. Thanks to Miss Gillian for this great […]

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Year 4 Segorbe

The trip to Segorbe started with a walk around the old quarter of the village to visit some of the elements with mayor history of the town like the wall, the aqueduct, the Executioner’s Tower and the Prison Tower. The […]

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Year 6 Cyclotourbike

Year 6 students went to the riverbed to experience Cyclotourbike, a really fun activity in which they had the chance to ride some very special bikes that simulate the image of old period carriages. A very entertaining morning, full of […]

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First Lego League!

What would the FLL achieve? By the end of the FLL Club, the pupils would have developed the following skills: > Researching The pupils will be gathering information about the challenge theme, related real-world problems, and existing solutions. They may […]

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Year 5 Joaquín Sorolla Exhibition

Year 5 went to Joaquín Sorolla’s exhibition called Sorolla Íntimo. Bocetos de Visión de España in the Fundación Bancaja. They enjoyed a sample of 32 sketches accomplished by the Spanish painter in preparation for his work Visión de España. The […]

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Pre-Nursery y Nursery

We start the week in BSV after a fantastic holiday that you have surely enjoyed! Here you have some photos of the children in Pre-Nursery and Nursery learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge that they later put into practise […]

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Year 3 Farm School

After spending a couple of days in the countryside with their classmates and teachers at the Farm School La Salle in Llíria. The children in Year 3 have enjoyed lots of exciting activities, which include soap making and rosemary potpourri, […]

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NASA and First Lego League Competition

NASA is officially endorsing the First Lego League Competition (FLL) due to the involvement of robotics. NASA wants to encourage students to create a human, technical, and programmatic resource of robotics capabilities to enable the implementation of future robotic space […]

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Year 1 Handa’s Surprise

These last few weeks, Year 1 students have been working with the book Handa’s Surprise. The book tells the story of a girl called Handa who lives in the African Savannah and wants to surprise her friend Akeyo by bringing […]

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Paris Year 9

On their first days in Paris, Year 9 visited The Louvre Museum, one of the world’s largest and most significant museums which houses one of the greatest collections of artwork including La Gioconda by Leonardo da Vinci and many others. […]

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New fitness club in BSV!

This fitness club is coordinated by one of BSV’s PE teachers and is opened to all Secondary students who are interested in improving their fitness skills. Aspects such as strength, speed, resistance, flexibility and coordination; all this by putting into […]

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Year 2A PE

In PE class, Year 2A students have been practising balance, coordination and skill exercises. They have used different equipment like the agility ladder to improve coordination. For these exercises, they had to bounce a ball along the ladder before shooting […]

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The children from Reception are so lucky! They are having a great time with their teachers and classmates. They really enjoy themselves during break time playing with their friends or listening to Miss Gillian’s stories. In class they are currently […]

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Year 13 PE

Year 13 students not taking A-Level Physical Education (PE) enjoyed a pleasant morning playing volleyball with Mr. Alex!

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FIRST LEGO League (FLL) arrives at BSV!

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is a global science and technology challenge for teams of students, to encourage and develop key skills of great value for their future. Each year, a new challenge is announced that focuses on a different real-world […]

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Year 7 and 8 class

This week we’ve visited Year 7 and Year 8 during some of their classes. They’ve studied different subjects like science, English, maths and ICT, but they have also enjoyed playing basketball in PE. After this intense week of work, we […]

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BSV Awards for Academic Excellence

In BSV we value effort and talent, qualities that make a difference, that is the reason why we like to award our students with the British School of Valencia Award for Academic Excellence. This initiative was implemented for the first […]

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Year 2B Maths

As you can see, the children in Year 2B were really paying attention to Miss Poppy during maths class. They had the chance to use the interactive whiteboard and unifix cubes that helped them solve all the addition and subtraction […]

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Year 8 Art Display

Last term, Year 8 studied the work of Romare Bearden. His work celebrated the black American experience, which he integrated into greater American modernism. He found his own voice by creating collages made up of cut and torn photographs found […]

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Dear parents and students, First of all, I would like to welcome you to the new school year. We face this new academic year with great enthusiasm, full of high expectations and new goals for improvement. Like every September, we […]

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Back to school!

BSV students return to their daily school routine this year! Like every morning, Primary students had an assembly with Mr. Barnes in this first week of school. Summer holidays have now come to an end and it is time to […]

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Wonderful summer

Dear students, teachers and parents, I would like to take a moment to wish you all a wonderful summer. I hope you all have a fantastic time and a well deserved rest. I hope to see you all next term […]

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After four intense days of music, dance and a lot of fun at the hands of the students in Foundation, Primary and Secondary and of course their teachers, we would like to bid farewell to this academic year and wish […]

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House Point Trip

This year’s winner of the House Point Trip is… Centaurus!!!                   Winners from Year 1 to Year 8 spent a great day in the park El Pla in Estivella. Divided into different […]

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Year 13 Graduation

On Friday, June 12th, British School of Valencia held the Graduation Ceremony of the VIII Promotion of Year 13 students. The act was chaired by Mrs. Carmen Santafé Company, Head of BSV, Mr. Pedro García Santafé, Technical Director of BSV, […]

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London Year 7

On their first days in London, Year 7 visited the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a faithful reproduction of The Globe theatre built in 1599, where Shakespeare performed his most renowned works. They also visited London’s famous Ferris wheel known as the […]

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Year 10 Field Study El Saler and Pinedo  

IGCSE Geography students in Year 10 went to El Saler and Pinedo to carry out a field study required for their coursework. Divided into groups and with their geography teachers, Mr. McCrory and Mr. Banks, the students went to the […]

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Sports Day

Sports Day is the culmination of a year of hard work, allowing the students to show their skills in a competitive, fun environment with their classmates and friends. They have worked excellently this year and this day of entertaining action […]

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Juan Ramón Barat Dolz visits BSV

The Valencian author Juan Ramón Barat Dolz, a novelist, poet and playwright, visited BSV to meet the students in Year 7 and Year 8. In a fascinating lecture, he spoke to the students about his books, his inspirations and his […]

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Year 5 La Albufera

Year 5 visited la Albufera Natural Park in which they enjoyed a nice boat trip to see this spectacular setting, surrounded by an enviable environment. They visited the lonja (market) in which the guide explained to them how the eels […]

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Year 7 Planetarium Castellón

In the Planetarium of Castellón, Year 7 students watched the projection Discover the Universe which showed them how our Solar System is formed and the billions and billions of stars that make up the Milky Way. They also had chance […]

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Literary Awards La Rosa de Paper

Just like every year, The Florida Training Centre and Andana Editorial announced the 20th edition of the literary awards La Rosa de Paper in the categories of fiction and poetry. In this year’s event, three of our students managed to […]

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Year 4 Chocolate Bars Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In English class, Year 4 students have been studying the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from the British author Roald Dahl. Besides working with the book, they watched both film adaptations, Tim Burton’s version and the 1971 movie called […]

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Pre-Nursery Teddy Bear Picnic

The children from Pre-Nursery enjoyed a fantastic morning at the riverbed to celebrate the Teddy Bear Picnic. Each child had to bring their favourite teddy bear to the picnic in the park where they played with their friends on the […]

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Year 6 Xàtiva

Year 6 went to Xàtiva to learn more about its history, once they got there they visited the Municipal Hospital of Xàtiva built in the 13th century, considered a Property of Cultural Interest and the Collegiate Basilica of Santa Maria […]

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Year 3 Visit Begoña Rodrigo Top Chef

Last week we received the winner of Top Chef Spain, Begoña Rodrigo who visited BSV to teach a cooking class to the Year 3 students. Before they started cooking, Begoña explained to the children the importance of eating healthily and […]

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Fundraising for Nepal

In the aftermath of the biggest earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years, many lives have been lost and many more have been injured. In this tragedy, BSV would like to provide relief to the affected communities and all the […]

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Nursery Farm Park Railway in Burjassot

The children from Nursery really enjoyed the ride through the Farm Park Railway in Burjassot on a train especially designed for the youngest. They were very excited with the trip but the best part was when the train went over […]

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Ganadores Campeonato Despierta

Winners Campeonato Despierta Valencia

BSV student Juan Santonja Civantos was proclaimed one of the winners of the Campeonato Despierta de Valencia. In BSV we would like to offer our warmest congratulations. We know he has worked very hard and that all the effort he […]

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Year 10 Gandía of the Borgia Family

Year 10 went to Gandia to find out more about the history of the Borgia family. They visited the historic centre and the main sights of the city. They went on the Route of the Borgia’s in which they visited […]

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Graduation Ceremony Year 13

The Graduation Ceremony of the VIII Promotion of Year 13 students from British School of Valencia will take place on Friday, June 12th 2015, a very special event we are all very excited about. On this occasion, the patron for […]

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The BSV website is now available in Mandarin!

You may select this new language on the language tab or have a direct access through this link for anyone who wishes to visit our website in Chinese as well as in the other available languages, Spanish and English. […]

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Year 9 Torres Torres

Year 9 visited Torres Torres to learn more about the heritage of the town. Divided in groups, the students went to the Arab baths, considered a Property of Cultural Interest. Meanwhile, in the cultural centre, the monitors taught the students […]

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Year 4 Egyptian Day

Year 4 students have been studying the history of Ancient Egypt these past few weeks so last Friday they all came to school dressed as authentic Egyptian figures. We could see children dressed as pharaohs, queens and priests but also […]

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Year 7C Board Games

Mr. Scott assigned a very fun task to his Year 7C students as they had to design and create an original board game related to the topic they had been studying for the past weeks. Students were very excited about […]

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Year 6C Assembly

Year 6C students were in charge of opening the assembly with a play called ‘What would it be like if children ruled the world?’ During their performance, they played some videos they had recorded throughout the week where they asked […]

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Year 2 Print Museum

This time we visited the Print Museum in the Monastery of El Puig with Year 2 so that they could also meet Johannes Gutenberg and discover more about the inventor of the movable-type printing press. Thanks to the engraving process […]

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Year 3 Horse Riding Club

Last time we visited our friends from the Horseback Riding and Jumping School of Valencia we had such a great time and learned so many interesting things about the horses that we decided to go back but this time with […]

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Maths Day KS1 KS2

KS1 (Year 1 and Year 2) and KS2 students (Years 3 to 6) celebrated Maths Day in a very fun way. They had to participate in a series of activities using codes and mathematics. They came to school dressed as […]

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Loki at BSV

Yesterday secondary students received a very special visit as their biology teacher, Mr. Neethling brought to school his loyal friend Loki, a cross of Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd, a very affectionate and docile animal that is able to lift […]

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Reception Parque Infantil de Tráfico de la Canaleta

Children in Reception had a great time learning about road safety regulations and their responsibilities as pedestrians, passengers or even as drivers. While the instructors explained to the children the various traffic rules, they could not wait to drive along […]

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Year 4 San José Caves in La Vall d’Uixó

Year 4 students went to La Vall d’Uixo to visit the Caves of San José, a trip that had everyone really excited. Divided into groups, the students went on the boats with their teachers to visit these natural caves, caves […]

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Year 5 Piratas

While some of the Year 5 students were in Sierra de Gredos, their classmates have worked extremely hard during the week. Dressed as pirates, they have performed the play called ‘Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate’ during the assembly to the […]

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Year 6 End of exams party

Year 6 students have completed the Cambridge Primary Programme Test, exam that takes place at the end of Key Stage 2 where students are examined in the three core subjects Mathematics, Science and English. BSV wants to congratulate all the […]

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British School of Valencia: Education for the future

British School of Valencia appeared in ‘Las Provincias’ talking about the importance of adapting to a changing scenario, being able to provide students of today and tomorrow an education that suits the 21st century citizen. Read British School of Valencia: Education […]

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By September 2015, British School of Valencia plans to expand its facilities to 4000m2, an area that will be distributed in new educational areas, sports facilities and other recreational spaces for students. The opening of these innovative facilities will hold […]

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Campeonato Despierta

BSV would like to inform you that Juan Santonja Civantos, Year 7A student, is one of the finalists of the Campeonato Despierta of Valencia. This championship evaluates attention and memory, the use of verbal information, logical and mathematical reasoning and […]

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Second term has come to an end!

BSV students are preparing for Easter with great excitement decorating their folders which will keep all the work they have accomplished during this second term. Some children prepare the classic Easter nests while our youngest are having fun painting Easter […]

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Sports Day

As part of the IGCSE Physical Education practical coursework, students from Year 10 and Year 11 went to the athletics track in the Río Turia to be evaluated in a number of running, throwing, and jumping events. Students can choose […]

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Winners of The Star of the Week

As an award for good behaviour, paying attention in class and all the hard work throughout the week … we announce the winners of The Star of the Week! Paloma López Yaiza Ferrandis Carlos Dorado Iñigo Acosta Ariel Martínez Ana […]

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Fallas 2015

After Fallas we come back strong! Soon you will be able to consult on our website the dates of upcoming activities that the school has programmed and all kinds of news about the students daily school life. Here you have […]

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Flumen Theatre ‘Luces de Bohemia’ Years 11, 12, 13

Last week, students in Year 11, 12 and 13 attended the Flumen Theatre to watch a performance of ‘Luces de Bohemia’ written by the Spanish playwright Ramón del Valle-Inclán. In this play, the writer establishes a new literary genre in […]

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Nabss Málaga 2015

The National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) held its 37th Annual Conference from the 5th to the 8th of March in Malaga. The theme of this year’s conference had to do with ‘Learning today, leading tomorrow’. BSV management […]

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Year 7 ‘West Side Story’

Year 7 students went to the Paiporta Auditorium to watch a performance of ‘West Side Story’ in English; a musical inspired by the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The students enjoyed the performance carried out by La Tourné Teatro formed by […]

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Nursery made their candles in the Craft Centre

Beekeepers, carpenters or even Fallas artists, these were just some of the crafts that children from Nursery learnt about during their visit to the Craft Centre in Valencia. The guide explained to the children that master craftsmen make some unique […]

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Year 8 Palau de la Música

Year 8 went to the Palau de la Música to see the performance of the Banda Municipal de Valencia with an audition directed towards schoolchildren. These performances try to encourage creativity and develop musical skills in the students in an […]

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Year 6 Príncipe Felipe Museum ‘Fear of the Void’

Atmospheric pressure, gas expansion, the effects of air friction… Year 6 students treated these and other concepts in the Ciencia a Escena workshops at the Príncipe Felipe Museum with some activities related to the Fear of the Void. During the […]

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Year 5 Peppermint Creams

The best behaviour is rewarded! Last week students in Year 5, the ones with outstanding behaviour during the week, cooked some delicious peppermint creams. A really sweet treat with a hint of peppermint which students decided to cut heart-shaped. They […]

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Shrove Tuesday

For breakfast, as a snack or dessert, sweet or savoury, almost everyone likes eating pancakes and there is no better day in the calendar than February 17th to celebrate Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. In the UK, the day preceding […]

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Year 2 Flumen Theatre ‘Robin Hood’

Year 2 enjoyed going to the theatre to watch ‘Robin Hood’ in English. A very entertaining story which called their attention with a plot they were able to participate in. The student Ibiza Almendros was so lucky that she even […]

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Year 4 Scientists for a Day

Quickflour, coloured milk, dragon and smurf drool… were some of the experiments carried out last week by Year 4, when they became Scientists for a Day at the Príncipe Felipe Museum. The children loved the experience, especially becoming real scientists […]

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Year 10 Flumen Theatre ‘Le Malade Imaginaire’

Year 10 students went to the Flumen Theatre to watch a performance of ‘Le Malade Imaginaire’ written by French playwright Molière. The play is a satire of the doctors of his era, an exceptional comedy full of love, deceit but […]

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Year 5 Casa Museo de la Magia

Year 5 attended a magic show at the Casa Museo de la Magia and really enjoyed visiting the museum but especially the room full of mysterious puzzles, optical illusions and funny mirrors. The most exciting part of the visit were […]

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Year 9 Escalante Theatre ‘In Love with Shakespeare’

Year 9 students went to the Escalante Theatre to attend the exhibition ‘In Love with Shakespeare’ which turned out to be a very entertaining and different way to learn a little more about the work of playwright William Shakespeare. During […]

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Year 3 La Rambleta Theatre ‘The Three Musketeers’

Pupils in Year 3 had a great time watching a literary classic but this time with a twist with the atypical adventures of ‘The Three Musketeers Generation X’, a free adaptation of Alexandre Dumas masterpiece. An extremely entertaining and fun […]

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Learning a language has never been so fun!

On February 2nd, in France they celebrate a tradition called ‘La Chandeleur’ popularly known as Crêpe Day. In BSV we like students to learn about other cultures in an original and fun way. Yesterday we learnt how to make the […]

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Today BSV visited La Asociación Valenciana de Ayuda a la Parálisis Cerebral, AVAPACE to present the donation the school destined to this cause, decided before Christmas by the secondary students. In BSV we believe that this initiative is an excellent […]

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Service in memory of Juana Boscá Madrid

As we informed you, this new year, which usually comes full of new hopes and full of energy, has began with the sad news of sudden and tragic death of our dear and beloved friend and colleague, Juana Boscá Madrid. […]

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Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2015

With the winner of our Christmas card competition, submitted by Victor Santapau Boix in Year 5B, British School of Valencia would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2015.

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This Christmas in BSV we have launched a new initiative, instead of handing out gifts for the Secondary students we have decided to use that money for charity. In this case, the students decided to send the money to La […]

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Christmas Food Collection Campaign

At this time of the year, BSV collects food for all of those who are in need. All BSV families bring food to school which is later sent to the San Francisco de Borja Church, something which the children love […]

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Christmas Concert

Last week took place the traditional Christmas Carol Concert with all BSV students. They did great, it was a great success!

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BSV participated in a round table discussion of “El Mundo”

Our Technical Director, Pedro Garcia was one of the participants, alongside other diverse educational institutions, in a round table discussion to evaluate certain aspects of the Spanish education reforms and its rapprochement to the British and American systems, external evaluations […]

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Christmas Card Competition

BSV students provided with coloured pencils, felt-tips and cardboards, participate in the traditional BSV Christmas card competition celebrated each year in the school. Drawings full of imagination and creativity indicate the beginning of Christmas, a time of year that children […]

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Christmas Circus

From our youngest to secondary students, they all enjoyed a very special and fun day at the Christmas Circus with The King of the Jungle musical. They also had a great time watching the performances carried out by the acrobats […]

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BSV in Innocolegios

Last weekend the British School of Valencia appeared in a special section of ‘El Mundo’ about the use of new technologies in education centres in the Valencian Community.  We features because over quite some time now, BSV has made a […]

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Year 3 Roman Day

In BSV we like our students to learn while they are having fun and that is what we did with Year 3, celebrating Roman Day dressed up with robes, togas, armour, shields and helmets. Some even dared to wear sandals […]

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Learning to make Pizza Reception

The boys and girls in Reception have enjoyed learning how to make pizza with their friends and teachers. They had an entertaining culinary morning learning something entirely new and we are sure the pizzas were absolutely delicious!

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Book Fair and Book Day

On Monday both students and teachers from primary enjoyed a very special day as the school celebrated the traditional BSV Book Fair and Book Day. Children had to dress up as their favourite characters and they all did great! From […]

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