Awards for Academic Excellence

In British School of Valencia we are proud to announce that the Year 12B student, Andrea Pérez Navarro and the Year 13 student, María Armero Piñeiro, have been granted BSV’s Award for Academic Excellence. This award aims to acknowledge the […]

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Year 7C Fitness

These past few weeks, Year 7C students have been doing fitness in PE. They started with a series of activities adapted to their weight and age to warm up arms and legs. Their training session began with four minutes of […]

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Year 2C English

In Year 2C they have been learning more about different types of nouns in English. They have been studying two types: proper nouns and common nouns. The children paid close attention to their teacher whilst they learnt more about this […]

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Year 6C Spanish

Year 6C students have been studying different types of communication in Spanish. They learnt about the elements of communication process, in which the sender must encode the message into a form that is appropriate to the communication channel, and the […]

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Year 1, rhythms and synthetic phonics

Whilst the Year 1A students practise different rhythms in music class with Mr Sharp, the children in Year 1B practise sounds through synthetic phonics with Miss Hayley and Miss Margaret. This method of teaching young learners is used as an […]

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Dear parents, With our students back at school, I would like to give a warm welcome to all the parents, pupils, teachers and the entire BSV team to this new school year we are about to begin. As usual, we […]

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Welcome Primary Students

Today we’ve welcomed all the Primary students and as you can see we are well prepared to receive them all! Hope you enjoy the pictures and remember we have lots of new things coming up soon so make sure you […]

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Back to school!

Today we welcome our youngest students; the children from Foundation, some of them are about to begin their first school years with us whilst others continue growing and progressing at this first stage of school. Summer holidays have now come […]

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After four intense days, we hope you enjoy the pictures of the performances carried out by Foundation, Primary and Secondary students. Well done to all those who participated so wonderfully in the festivals!

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House Point Trip

Congratulations to all the students in Cassiopeia as they are the winners of this year’s House Point Trip. They have enjoyed a wonderful day at the Adventure Park El Pla in Estivella and at the Terra Mítica Theme Park. Both […]

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Year 13 Graduation

On Friday, June 10th, British School of Valencia held the Graduation Ceremony for the IX Promotion of Year 13 students. The act was chaired by Mrs. Carmen Santafé Company, Head of BSV, Mr. Pedro García Santafé, Technical Director, Mr. Neil […]

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The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award candidates took to the hills of the Sierra Calderona once more to complete their Qualifying Expedition. Completing a 40km hike over 2 days, including a night of camping in Estivella, the students performed absolutely […]

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Sports Day

Last week at BSV we celebrated our traditional Sports Day event that takes place every year with our Foundation, Primary and Secondary students. Sports Day allows them to show their skills in a competitive environment at the same time they […]

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French Reading Challenge Winners

The winners of the French Reading Challenge in Year 8 won a very special prize as they were able to participate in a workshop organised by the cultural centre El Búho Zolulu. They had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with […]

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Foto 31-5-16 10 06 02

Year 10 Gandía of the Borgia Family

Year 10 visited the historic centre and the main sights of Gandía on the Route of the Borgias. They visited the Collegiate Basilica of Santa María, the Archaeological Museum and the Ducal Palace of Gandía, which used to be the […]

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Year 11 Waffles German Class

With the help of Miss Schmitt, Year 11 students who are currently studying German have shown their culinary skills preparing some waffles, a very popular dessert in Germany. Guten Appetit!

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01Foto 27-5-16 10 49 19

Reception Infant Road Security Park La Canaleta

The children in Reception had a great time learning about road safety regulations and their responsibilities as pedestrians, passengers or even as drivers at the Infant Road Security Park La Canaleta. They could not wait to drive along the circuit […]

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Pre-Nursery Fruit Salad

Would you like to taste Pre-Nursery’s fruit salad? We can assure you it was delicious! The children had the chance to eat it during break time with their classmates. They all enjoyed a really healthy and tasty snack!

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01Foto 31-5-16 10 13 05

Year 10 Grefusa Factory

The Business Studies students visited the Grefusa factory with their teacher Mr. Cardew. Once there, they participated in a talk in which they discussed different topics about the factory to then divide into three groups: head of safety, head of […]

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British School of Valencia Newspaper

Here you have a copy of the school’s newspaper written by the Secondary students. We hope you enjoy reading it just as much as our young journalists enjoyed writing it.

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Year 7 Montanejos

As part of their science project, Year 7 students visited the village of Montanejos where they had to conduct various experiments taking samples of native plants and insects which they later had to discuss in class with their teacher.

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Foto 23-5-16 9 20 44

Year 6 Xàtiva

Year 6 went to Xàtiva where they visited the Municipal Hospital built in the 13th century, considered a Property of Cultural Interest and the Collegiate Basilica of Santa Maria. They also visited the Museum of Almodí to see the portrait of […]

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Pre-Nursery Bioparc

Along with their teachers and a Bioparc guide, the children in Pre-Nursery found out more about the characteristics of the inhabitants of the savannah, the equatorial forests, the African wetlands and the island of Madagascar. They had a great time […]

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01Foto 23-5-16 9 19 29

Year 5 La Albufera

Year 5 visited la Albufera Natural Park in which they enjoyed a nice boat trip. They visited the lonja (market) in which the guide explained to them how the eels are caught and they also went to a modeller’s workshop […]

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Year 3 Visit Begoña Rodrigo Top Chef

This morning Year 3 students received Begoña Rodrigo, the winner of the first edition of Top Chef Spain who came to BSV to teach a very special cooking class to the children. During the workshop they learnt the importance of […]

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Maths Day Key Stage 2

This year Key Stage 2 students (Year 3 to Year 6) have celebrated Maths Day participating in different sports activities in which they had to gather information in order to complete the answer sheet their teachers had prepared for them. […]

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Year 4 Sant Josep Caves La Vall d’Uixó

Year 4 students went to La Vall d’Uixo to visit the Caves of Sant Josep, a trip that had everyone really excited. The students went on the boats with their teachers to visit these amazing natural caves along the waters […]

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Pre-Nursery PE

For the Pre-Nursery children it’s so much fun to practise sports during PE and rehearse the end of year festival with their teachers. Their performance is a surprise but we surely have super lively children in Pre-Nursery!

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Year 7 London

Year 7 visited the Big Ben, the famous Great Bell of the clock at the Palace of Westminster, one of the most emblematic icons of the city. They went to the British Museum, which has the world’s largest collections of […]

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Year 3A ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ Play

In BSV we have a fantastic group of young actors! Year 3A students managed to perform a play based on Roald Dahl’s book, ‘The Enormous Crocodile’, a story about a crocodile that tries to eat children and to do so […]

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Year 4 Environment Performance

Year 4 students want the rest of their schoolmates to learn about the importance of respecting and protecting the environment, therefore they performed a play during assembly in which they explained the different ways we can all contribute to help […]

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Club Enterprise

The different teams that take part in the Enterprise Club have organised a sale of their products during patio time in order to raise funds for the Avapace Organisation. Congratulations for the great work!

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Foto 19-4-16 12 14 20

Year 3 ‘Cantando la Cigarra’

Year 3 went to the Palau de la Música to enjoy the musical performance ‘Cantando la Cigarra’, in which they had the chance to participate, especially María Montero who was really lucky as she went on stage to sing and […]

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition

BSV students completed their Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition for the Bronze Award in the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park last weekend, gaining valuable experience before their qualifying journey in a few months. Hiking approximately 40km over […]

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Reception B PE

As we all know, eating healthily and exercising is essential in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We want our students to understand the importance of physical education just like the children in Reception B who really enjoy themselves taking […]

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Las Provincias Article

Last weekend, ‘Las Provincias’ published an article in relation to BSV’s educational model, making special emphasis on the needs of each of our students, based on the requirements of 21st century professionals. In the link below you may download the […]

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful morning with all of us and explaining to the students the importance of organisations like AVAPACE. Thank you once again for the visit, until next time!

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Year 9 Valencia Guided Tour

Along with their Geography and History teacher, the Year 9 students participated in a guided tour around Valencia in which they discovered more about the history of the city. They visited the Torres de Serranos, originally considered the main entrance […]

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Letter Yann Mens has sent to the Year 8 students

Letter Yann Mens, author of ‘A Table, Président’ and ‘A Bas la Vaisselle’, has sent to the Year 8 students who took part in the French Reading Challenge some time ago. They all loved receiving the letter! Chers Valenciens, Je […]

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Year 5 Gredos Mountain Range

The first day at the Gredos Mountain Range began with a quick session of aerobics before having a wonderful riverside walk up to Valdeascas, where the children learned about ecosystems. The scenery was spectacular! The children were divided into groups […]

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Last week, a group of students visited our friends from the Cerebral Palsy Association in Valencia, AVAPACE. They had the opportunity to participate in their radio broadcast called Arcoíris, a show they have in collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de […]

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A day in the school life of Nursery

We are thrilled to share a new video from our section ‘A day in the school life of…’ In this case starring the children in Nursery, who as you can see, have a fantastic time learning and enjoying themselves everyday […]

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After the holidays, we come back to school to approach this new term with great enthusiasm! We’d like to welcome you and as always, we are at your full availability in order to attend any doubt or question about any […]

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Pre-Nursery Tile Industry

We had a fantastic time with Pre-Nursery in our visit to the Tile Industry Museum of Paiporta, a really important artisanal handicraft work in Valencia, which received the name of rajoleria. At the museum they showed us how tiles and […]

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Fito visits BSV

During the assembly, the children in Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception were very excited to meet Fito, a small yellow-fronted Amazon parrot who shared with them his most amazing tricks. Unsurprisingly, they all were very surprised when Fito began to talk, […]

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Training

Before the Easter holidays, The Duke of Edinburgh group went to Sierra Calderona for a walk in the beautiful countryside near Estivella. They needed to become accustomed to walking on the rough terrain with their rucksacks in preparation for their […]

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Easter 2016

Today all the students in Foundation, Primary and Secondary have enjoyed a really special morning. Our youngest have been looking for a hidden treasure in the playground… some delicious chocolate eggs, which their teachers had placed in secret locations. Primary […]

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Fallas 2016

Here you have some more pictures of the students celebrating Fallas. Hope you enjoy them. Happy Fallas!

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Work Experience Programme

In BSV we have launched an interesting initiative for secondary students as they have had the opportunity to participate in a Work Experience Programme coordinated by their Business teacher, Mr. Michael Cardew. This orientation programme is commonly intended for students […]

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Jose Urios

Outstanding Cambridge University Learner Awards

In British School of Valencia we are proud to announce that once again, former BSV student José Urios Valiente has been awarded with the Outstanding Cambridge University Learner Award, as he gained the highest mark in Spain for High Achievement […]

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Pre-Nursery Orange Juice

The children in Pre-Nursery have learnt to prepare orange juice in class, and as you can see they have lots of fun learning new things in school. With this activity their teachers explained to them the importance of having healthy […]

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French Reading Challenge

The French Department has launched a great initiative for Year 8 students to promote reading among them. This reading challenge includes a selection of five recent French short stories they will have to read in order to vote for their […]

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Year 3 Casa Museo de la Magia

Year 3 attended a magic show at the Casa Museo de la Magia where they enjoyed a fantastic performance with some amazing tricks like bending a spoon with the mind, linking together some rings made out of metal or even […]

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Estefania Olivares

Outstanding Cambridge University Learner Awards

In British School of Valencia we are proud to announce that the Outstanding Cambridge University Learner Award corresponds to Estefanía Olivares del Rey Vilanova who gained the highest mark in Spain for High Achievement in Cambridge International AS Level English […]

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Nursery Visit to the Craft Centre

Nursery visited the Craft Centre in Valencia where they were taught how to make some candles using beeswax sheets. They had to place the wick and roll the wax to create a small pyramid in order to manufacture their own […]

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Reception Botanical Garden

The children in Reception visited the Botanical Gardens of Valencia, where they participated in a really interesting workshop in which they learnt how and why some plants have a certain aroma. After this, they had the chance to make natural […]

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Year 2 Flumen Theatre ‘The Steadfast Tin Soldier’

Year 2 enjoyed going to the Flumen Theatre to watch ‘The Steadfast Tin Soldier’ in English. A very entertaining story, which called their attention with a plot they were able to participate in signing with the different characters of the […]

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First Lego League Competition

Last Sunday, BSV teams TECH&US and AUTONOMOUS, participated in the First Lego League Competition hosted by CEU – Cardenal Herrera University. The competition consisted of robotics, teamwork and a presentation. Our teams worked very hard to prepare and handled the […]

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Primary Shrove Tuesday

Last week, Primary students celebrated Shrove Tuesday also known as Pancake Day. In the UK, the day preceding Ash Wednesday is synonymous of this delicious treat. Shrove Tuesday became a way to use any leftover food before the fasting season […]

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Foto 15-2-16 9 18 20

Year 6 Príncipe Felipe Museum ‘Fear of the Void’

Year 6 students participated in the ‘Fear of the Void’ workshop from Ciencia a Escena at the Príncipe Felipe Museum. During the workshop, students were able to observe the effects caused by pressure changes or how other factors such as […]

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Maths Day KS1

KS1 (Year 1 and Year 2) students celebrated Maths Day in a very fun way! They participated in a series of activities using codes and mathematics to decipher different puzzles spread out around the school. The children in KS1 solved […]

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Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament 2016

Last weekend, BSV sent a delegation to the Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament held in Valencia. The work of young people during the sessions will be to draft a resolution to address current issues affecting all Europeans. Day […]

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Year 2 Dental Hygiene Talk

A few days ago we received a visit from Mónica Torregrosa, professional dentist from Clínica Dental Mónica Torregrosa. She explained to the children the importance of good oral hygiene habits starting from a young age in order to have healthy […]

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Year 8 Picasso Workshop and Exhibition

Year 8 went to Pablo Picasso’s exhibition called Picasso y el Museo in the Fundación Bancaja where they enjoyed a sample of over 200 prints, paintings and photographs of the artist. During the exhibition, the students learnt how some of […]

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‘A day in the school life of…’

We are starting a new project in British School of Valencia! With this first video, starring the children in Pre-Nursery, we would like to begin our new section called ‘A day in the school life of…’  In a fun, dynamic […]

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Norms of Appropriate Internet Use

This week we received the visit of Mr. Vicente García Platas, member of the Policía Local de Valencia and responsible of the lectures that explained the Norms of Appropriate Internet Use to the Year 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 […]

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Year 4 Persuasive Writing in English

After this long weekend, we have had a great start to the week with the Year 4’s! They are currently studying persuasive writing in English therefore they all have written a letter about a specific topic. The text they wrote […]

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Year 2 Using the Imperative Form in English

The children in Year 2 have been working on the imperative use of verbs in English, therefore their teachers decided to carry out a very exciting activity for all the kids. Divided into groups, they had to follow the different […]

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Year 10 PE Multi-Stage Fitness Test

Hoy hemos acompañado a los alumnos de Year 10 durante la clase de PE en la que han realizado un Test de Resistencia Cardiorrespiratoria. Esta prueba se divide en un total de 21 períodos de un minuto cada uno en […]

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In BSV we gearing up for the Christmas holidays so today we have arranged very fun activities for the students such as a ping-pong tournament, First Lego League as well as different crafts and games in which they will be […]

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Christmas Carol Concerts

Students in Foundation, Primary and Secondary attended the San Francisco de Borja Church to celebrate the traditional Christmas Carol Concert with their families. We believe this is a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of the Christmas holidays.

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Friday Clubs

Friday Clubs have concluded for both Primary and Secondary students. The children in Primary have had the opportunity to participate in different activities such as yoga, dance classes, cooking classes or learn how to fold traditional origami. On the other […]

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Book Fair and Book Day

Both the students and teachers from Primary enjoyed a very special day celebrating the traditional BSV Book Fair and Book Day. Children had to dress up as their favourite characters and they all did great! We all had a fantastic […]

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Hour of Code

In BSV we want to encourage the use of new technologies for the development of our students so we have decided to support the initiative known as The Hour of Code. This project is currently one of the largest educational […]

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V.I.S Football Tournament

On Friday 4th December, we took 5 teams to the V.I.S (Valencia International Schools) football tournament at Fútbol City. Each player and team performed admirably, with the junior and senior girls teams reaching their respective semi-finals. The senior girls (Key […]

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Year 11/Year 12 ‘Bodas de Sangre’

Students in Year 11 and Year 12 went to the theatre to watch a performance of ‘Bodas de Sangre’, a play that is part of the Spanish Literature syllabus for both the IGCSE and A Level exams. This tragedy, written […]

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Year 3 Roman Day

Emperors and empresses, soldiers and gladiators all of them dressed up with robes, togas, armour, shields and helmets, have come to BSV to show what they have learnt about Ancient Rome. Year 3 students had a great time thanks to […]

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Pre-Nursery and Nursery The Vain Little Mouse

We had a fantastic time with the children in Pre-Nursery and Nursery watching the musical performance of The Vain Little Mouse. The best part was seeing the look of astonishment on their faces as the different characters in the play […]

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Year 5 Solar System

Year 5 pupils have created their own Solar System mobile in science class. They have worked very hard on this project and we would like to share some pictures with you to show you how well they have done!

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Pre-Nursery Universal Children’s Day

Today we celebrate Universal Children’s Day with all the kids in Pre-Nursery. They are really having fun dancing and hugging their classmates and teachers! Hope you enjoy this special day!

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Year 2 Príncipe Felipe Museum Pequeastronomía

Year 2 visited the Príncipe Felipe Museum to participate in the Pequeastronomía workshop. Inside a spaceship, the students learnt lots of new and interesting facts about astronomy. In this adventure, they travelled through the Solar System with Professor Light Bulb […]

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Year 8 Bocairent

Year 8 went to the town of Bocairent to visit the Covetes dels Moros, a group of artificial caves with window-shaped orifices carved out of the rocky cliff. Students were determined to cross these narrow caves to enjoy a thrilling […]

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Year 5 Greek Day

Pupils in Year 5 came to school all dressed up to celebrate Greek Day! Throughout the day we had the chance to see soldiers carrying their shields and swords, some children dressed up as kings and others wearing a white […]

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Year 7 Monastery in Simat de la Valldigna

Year 7 spent a wonderful day on a cultural visit to the emblematic Monastery in Simat de la Valldigna and the Chapel of Santa Ana, also known as the Xara Mosque. During the visit to the Monastery, students became detectives […]

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Star of the Week and Book Worm

As an award for good behaviour, effort, hard work, good exam results… We announce the winners of The Star of the Week! We would also like to congratulate BSV readers with the Book Worm award! Continue with the hard work!

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Year 1 Print Museum

The children in Year 1 had a great time with Johannes Gutenberg on their visit to the Print Museum. The father of the printing press showed the children all the hidden secrets involved in the use of this revolutionary device. […]

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Sports Competition American School of Valencia

Once again this year, British School of Valencia was invited to the sports competition organised by the American School of Valencia. Four BSV teams arrived at the American School for a basketball competition against six other international schools. The junior […]

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Year 3 Sagunto

What are the different parts that make up the Roman theatre in Sagunto? Why were gargoyles placed on cathedrals? Where does the name gargoyle come from? Year 3 students had to answer these and other questions after hearing the explanations […]

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