Year 6 Science Experiments

Year 6 students have consolidated their understanding about forces through various experiments in which they learnt that forces have direction and can be measured. Their experimental and investigative work focused on making and repeating measurements, considering patterns in results, representing […]

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Year 8 and Year 10 PE

The Year 10 IGCSE Physical Education class have been learning how to test components of fitness in their theory lessons. A group of those students applied them to a practical setting with a Year 8 class as part of their […]

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Nursery Fallas Model Workshop

Before the Fallas holiday, our Nursery children visited the Rajoleria Museum where they had the chance to participate in a workshop in which they learnt how to make their own fallas models.

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El Mundo ‘The Top 100 Schools in Spain’

We are back after Fallas with some great news we would like to share with you. British School of Valencia has been selected as one of the best international schools in the 18th edition of The Top 100 Schools in […]

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After the burning of the Falla, we hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday. Here you have some more pictures of the students celebrating Fallas. See you all soon!

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Ninot Indultat 2017

Ninot Indultat 2017

We could not be more grateful for your participation in our contest. Thanks to all the families who have voted during the competition, shared the pictures and follow us day after day on social networks. The Ninot Indultat 2017 is […]

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Ninot Indultat Contest 2017

Are you ready for our Ninot Indultat Contest 2017? We know it’s not easy to choose only one of the ninots (fallas models) with the great artists we have in school, but only one, the one you decide with your […]

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Year 4 Scientists for a Day

Year 4 students became ‘Scientists for a Day’ participating in a series of experiments which included creating coloured milk, quickflour and dragon drool. They all loved the experience, especially becoming real scientists using lots of different tools such as beakers, […]

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Year 13 Chemistry Presentation

The Year 13 Chemistry class have tackled their two-day seminar, like every year, about Polymer Chemistry. As they are headed for a scientific career, an important part of their education will be about taking Science in front of an audience. […]

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Year 9 San Miguel de los Reyes

Year 9 went to visit San Miguel de los Reyes where they toured around the grounds of the old monastery that later on was used as a prison and today houses the Valencian Library. The students also participated in a […]

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Pre-Nursery ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

The children in Pre-Nursery also had the chance to read the story about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and enjoy lots of different activities related to the book. They had to create their own version of the caterpillar with fruits using […]

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Primary Shrove Tuesday

Primary students celebrated Shrove Tuesday eating some delicious pancakes and enjoying a rather special race in which they had to toss pancakes into the air catching them with a frying pan while running without letting them fall to the ground. […]

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Year 6 ‘Fear of the Void’ Workshop

Year 6 students learnt lots of new facts related to atmospheric pressure, gas expansion and many other concepts in the ‘Fear of the Void’ workshop at the Príncipe Felipe Museum. They used the Newton tube to demonstrate that all objects […]

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Year 4C Pulguita Visits BSV

Year 4C received Pulguita, a very cute little hamster that was cuddled and patted while all the children played with him. Thanks Alejandra for this great surprise, we were very excited with the visit!

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Year 1B Poem ‘Cats Sleep Anywhere’

Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair. Top of piano, window-ledge, in the middle, on the edge. Open draw, empty shoe, anybody’s lap will do. Fitted in a cardboard box, in the cupboard with your frocks. Anywhere! They don’t care! […]

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Jordan Chelsea

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

We are proud to announce that Jordan Chelsea Courtenay (Year 13) and Daniel Tortajada Lobato (BSV alumni) have been awarded with the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in the November 2015 and 2016 Cambridge Examinations series. Jordan gained High Achievement Award […]

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Reception Craft Centre

Reception visited the Craft Centre in Valencia where they learnt lots of interesting facts about arts & crafts. They also had the chance to make little clay pots which they decorated using different materials just like real craftsmen.

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The Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award group spent a 3-day weekend hiking around the beautiful Valencian countryside to complete their Practice Expedition. Travelling between 20-25km per day whilst navigating around their routes with a map and compass (no technology is […]

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TalentSpace Career Guidance Lectures

The 46th Career Guidance Lectures organised by TalentSpace will take place in Valencia from Monday 6th to Friday 10th of March. Students, teachers and many other professionals will participate in 38 conferences in order to guide 6th Form students in […]

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Year 8B Health & Fitness

Key Stage 3 have been undertaking a Health & Fitness unit, learning different types of training to help them improve their fitness and discover which methods of testing and training they will carry with them throughout their lives to help […]

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Pre-Nursery Bricks

In Pre-Nursery they have already painted the bricks they made at the Rajoleria Museum. They’ve done a great job!

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Year 7 Climbing Wall Bunker Valencia

Year 7 students enjoyed a really fun morning with their PE teacher learning the basic rock climbing technique that they later had to put into practice on the climbing wall. They also participated in other activities such as strength and […]

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Year 3 Casa Museo de la Magia

Year 3 visited the Casa Museo de la Magia where they enjoyed a fantastic performance with some amazing tricks with a magician who made them laugh during the entire show.

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Year 6 Topographic Model Spain

Year 6 students carried out a project in which they had to design and create their own topographic model of Spain using plasticine and other materials. Each student created their own design and as you can see we have some […]

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European Youth Parliament Gerona

Our group of students participating in the Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament that took place in Valencia at the beginning of the month, has been selected for the next round of the competition that will take place in […]

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Year 5A Jun Hao Piano

Year 5A student, Jun Hao shows off his amazing musical skills when he is only 9 years old. He is an extremely talented boy!

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Year 4C Mannequin Challenge

Year 4C students have made their own version of the Mannequin Challenge during PE. Their teacher had to film their performance whilst they were trying not to move showing their gymnastics skills.

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Basic Life Support and Defibrillator Training Courses

Thanks to Proyecto Salvavidas, British School of Valencia has launched a new initiative in which we are going to instruct BSV employees in Basic Life Support and the Use of an External Defibrillator for them to correctly attend any medical […]

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Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament 2017

Last weekend, BSV sent a delegation to the Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament held in Valencia. The regional session consisted on teambuilding, committee work and a general assembly. The selected schools will participate in another session that will […]

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Reception Dinosaurs

In Reception they have been studying about dinosaurs in a really fun way. They explored the dinosaur lifecycle, made their own dinosaur eggs and they even had the chance to build a den where they placed the ice eggs and […]

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Pre-Nursery Rajoleria Museum

Yesterday we visited our friends from the Rajoleria Museum (artisanal handicraft work in Valencia) with the Pre-Nursery children. They learnt about the history of the museum, which used to be an old brick factory where the rajolers (name of the […]

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Nursery Chinese New Year

Last Friday our Nursery children had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year, year of the Rooster with all their friends and teachers. They enjoyed an afternoon snack where some of them tried noodles for the first time. Here is […]

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Year 12 and 13 Ampere Energy

Year 12 and Year 13 students who currently study Physics and Computing & Information Technology have had the opportunity to visit Ampere Energy, a Valencian company dedicated to the manufacture of intelligent energy storage systems. Our students visited their facilities, […]

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Year 6A Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

In Year 6A they carried out a cooking activity for two reasons, one of them was a way for the students to learn how to follow instructions in English as they had to follow the recipe step by step in […]

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Year 4B ‘Burns Supper’

Year 4B students have worked really hard with Mr McSorely to perform in front of all their schoolmates and Primary teachers a traditional Scottish celebration called ‘Burns Supper’. This celebration commemorates the life and work of the poet Robert Burns. […]

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Year 9 y 10 German Letter Project

During the past few weeks Year 9 and Year 10 students who study German have had to write a letter addressed to the students of the Raiffeisen-Campus located in a small town called Dernbach near the city of Frankfurt. In […]

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Year 8 French

On this occasion we enjoyed the performance of the Year 8A and Year 8B students who showed their skills talking and singing in French. Keep up the good work!

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Year 4A Archaeology Talk

Year 4A students listened very carefully to Lloyd Courtenay, a former BSV student who is currently studying an Archaeology Degree in Madrid. Lloyd visited the school to explain what archaeology is about but before he began talking to the students […]

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Reception Music

The children in Reception really enjoy themselves learning new songs with Mr Sharp! As you can see they are really concentrated following the lyrics of the songs at the same time they practise different rhythms with the egg shaker, a […]

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Year 5A Dissolving sugar in water

Year 5A students carried out an experiment in which they had to dissolve different types of sugar, regular granulated sugar, fine and extra fine in water. They had to test how much liquid they needed for the sugar to dissolve […]

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Year 13 Chemistry Faculty ‘Enjoying Chemistry’

Last Friday the Year 13 students participated in a Lab Investigation Programme called ‘Enjoying Chemistry’ organised by the University of Valencia. They carried out several laboratory practices aimed at AS and A Level students. This initiative fosters chemistry amongst 6th […]

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Nursery A ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

After reading the story about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, Nursery A pupils enjoyed a lot of different activities related to the caterpillar story. Some of them worked in class where they had to colour, trim and stick some drawings about […]

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Year 12 IT Video Editing

As part of the AS Level IT course, Mr Ali asked the Year 12 students to record a cooking activity in school to later edit it using Movie Maker and Audacity. Even though they don’t have to send the final […]

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Friday Clubs

Here you have some pictures of the Friday Club activities we organise for our Primary and Secondary students. We hope you all have a great weekend!

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Year 7 French

We would like to share with you a video of the Year 7 students during one of their French classes with Miss Mahe. They are able to sing different songs and they even perform a short play about the days […]

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Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

We are proud to announce that the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards correspond to Jordan Chelsea Courtenay (Year 13) who gained the High Achievement Award in Spain for Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives & Research and Andrea Pérez Navarro (Year […]

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Year 13 German

Year 13 students who study AS Level German had the chance to celebrate end of term exams in Baden Baden, a German restaurant in Valencia. This group of girls are the first BSV students to take this test and as […]

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National Awards Education-Based Marketing

After the Christmas holidays which we really hope you have enjoyed with your friends and family, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and the best way to do so is by sharing this great news. […]

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Today the Secondary students have participated in lots of different activities with their teachers whilst our Foundation and Primary children went to visit Father Christmas who has come to school to deliver some presents to all of them. We hope […]

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‘El Mundo’ Innovative Schools

The Spanish newspaper ‘El Mundo’ published a special supplement about Innovative Schools where British School of Valencia has been mentioned. Our school stands out for introducing a play-based learning system where children have the chance to experiment with lots of […]

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Year 6A Christmas Biscuits

Last week we shared a very special afternoon with the Year 6A students preparing some Christmas chocolate biscuits. They were really easy to make and tasted delicious!

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Career Guidance Lectures

After this intense week in which we’ve received numerous universities as well as our former students for the Career Guidance Lectures we’ve been doing over the past few years. We would like to thank all the universities which participated in […]

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Pre-Nursery Christmas

We are gearing up for Christmas with our Pre-Nursery children! They really enjoy decorating their class at the same time they have lots of fun singing and dancing Christmas carols with their teachers.

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Book Fair and Book Day

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a very special day celebrating BSV’s Book Fair and Book Day. As you were able to see in the photos we shared during the celebration, our students keep surprising us when they come to […]

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Year 12 6th International Romani Conference

The history students in Year 12 attended the 6th International Romani Conference that took place in the Palacio de Pineda of Valencia. They listened to the conference ‘Life and Death in Auschwitz’ with Peter Höllenreiner, an Auschwitz survivor, who was […]

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Year 2 Doctor’s Role Play

Year 2 students participated in a role-play in which they simulated a visit to the medical centre where one student played the part of the doctor and the other one had the role of the patient. Students had to talk […]

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Career Guidance Week

We would like to inform you that starting from Monday 12th, at 09:00am until Thursday 15th December, different universities and former BSV students will be participating in our Career Guidance Lectures about academic and professional orientation to current students in […]

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Year 5 ‘Equipo Crónica’ Exhibition

Year 5 went to the Fundación Bancaja to see the ‘Equipo Crónica’ exhibition where they enjoyed a sample of 165 paintings accomplished by this artist collective. The students participated in a workshop in which they learnt about anachronisms. They had […]

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Year 12 & 13 City of Justice

Year 12 and Year 13 students went to the City of Justice of Valencia where they were able to visit the jury room, the assembly hall and different training rooms for the judges. They learnt about the three branches of […]

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Work Experience Programme

After the excellent results from last years’ Work Experience Programme, we have decided to continue with the initiative with our students this year. We believe this orientation programme allows them to get a feel for professional working environments as they […]

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Cat Club Donation

The students from Cat Club have begun a very interesting initiative along with Miss Ross but we need your help! The club has to raise a total of 50 cans of food for the 50 cats living in the Botanical […]

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Mannequin Challenge

Our students from Circus Club and Gaelic Football Club join the latest craze known as the Mannequin Challenge. We had lots of fun recording the video!

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Nursery A Sensory Play

Sensory play has many learning and developmental benefits. The activities are engaging, fun and children really like them. In this case, Nursery pupils had the chance to experiment the texture of Gelli Snow, a product that mixed with water transforms […]

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Year 5 Greek Day

Pupils in Year 5 enjoyed a day in Ancient Greece as they have been studying these past few weeks. To get the students into character, they had to bring to school some white sheets to use as robes as well […]

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Year 3A Fossils

In Year 3 they have been studying rocks, soils and fossils. The students learnt about different kinds of rocks, they explored a variety of soils and discovered the fascinating world of fossils. They carried out a very interesting experiment in […]

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Year 2 Príncipe Felipe Museum Pequeastronomía

We had a fantastic time participating in the Pequeastronomía workshop with all the children in Year 2! Inside a spaceship, the students learnt lots of new and interesting facts about astronomy. In this adventure, they travelled through the Solar System […]

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Year 4 Viking Day

Year 4 students really enjoyed celebrating Viking Day in BSV dressing up as fierce Viking warriors. They were amused with all the fun activities their teachers had prepared for them and we can assure you they loved living the Viking […]

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Year 6 Cyclotourbike

Year 6 enjoyed a very entertaining morning, full of sport and enjoyment! They went to the riverbed to experience Cyclotourbike, a really fun activity in which they had the chance to ride some very special bikes that simulate the image […]

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Nursery Biscuits

The children in Nursery made some delicious biscuits with their teachers. They learnt how to stir and roll the mixture using the rolling pin, shape the dough using cutters and decorate the biscuits using chocolate buttons. In this activity the […]

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Year 10 Gandía of the Borgia Family

Year 10 went to Gandía to find out more about the history of the Borgia family visiting the historic centre and the main sights of the city. They went on the Route of the Borgia’s in which they had the […]

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Year 2 ‘The Runaway Chapati’ Race

Year 2 students enjoyed a really fun morning participating in a race after reading the book ‘The Runaway Chapati’. This story is about a Chapati bread that runs for his life every time they try to cook him by saying: […]

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Year 7 Simat de la Valldigna

Year 7 spent a wonderful day visiting Simat de la Valldigna and the Chapel of Santa Ana, also known as the Xara Mosque. During the visit, the students had to solve a fictitious crime with the help of a monk […]

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Year 4B Vikings

Year 4B students have been learning about the Vikings and they even made their own Viking ships based on the information they learnt in class.

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Year 7A Science Experiment

Year 7A students have been testing different acids to find out the rate of reaction they have with magnesium. They had to record all the results paying close attention to the temperature changes in each reaction.

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Year 6B Frog Sandwiches

In Year 6B they are currently studying the rainforest and the different kinds of animals that live there, so as a fun activity to do in school, Miss Courtenay decided to make some frog sandwiches with the students. She also […]

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Reception A Tea & Toast

After Miss Gillian read the book ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ to the children in Reception, they all enjoyed some delicious tea and toast with butter and jam they prepared with their teacher.

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Year 4 Segorbe

The trip to Segorbe started with a walk around the old quarter of the village to visit some of the elements with mayor history of the town like the wall, the aqueduct, the Executioner’s Tower and the Prison Tower. They […]

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Nursery A Jelly

The children in Nursery A carried out a sensory activity in which they had the chance to explore the senses of touch, taste and sight. With three different jelly flavours, they talked about the texture, the taste and the colour […]

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Year 3 Vialdea Road Security Park

Year 3 had a great time learning about road safety regulations at the Vialdea Road Security Park. In this small town designed for children, where you can find a market, a hospital, a fire station and a post office. They […]

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Year 2 Following Instructions: Banana Milkshake

Year 2 students have been working on the imperative use of verbs in English so they had to put into practise what they had learnt in class preparing a delicious banana milkshake. Now they know the imperative form can be […]

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Year 4 students read to the Year 1’s

On Friday afternoon, students in Year 4 enjoyed the company of the children in Year 1. The older students had to read English books to the younger ones, which is a great way to pick up new vocabulary and develop […]

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Year 7B PE

Year 7B students have been able to put into practise some new training exercises in PE. Thanks to the use of new material, they have gained more strength and resistance using medicine balls and they also managed to carry out […]

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Year 1 Print Museum

The children in Year 1 had a great time with Johannes Gutenberg on their visit to the Print Museum. The father of the printing press showed the children all the hidden secrets involved in the use of this revolutionary device. […]

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Reception ‘Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’

After reading the book ‘Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’, the children in Reception had to build their own car using apples for the body and grapes for the wheels. Once they finished their delicious designs, they all enjoyed eating them.

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Year 5B ‘The Iron Man’

Take a look at the fantastic work carried out by Year 5B students with these designs of ‘The Iron Man’ they have done after studying Ted Hughes famous science fiction novel.

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Year 4 Cookies

Last Friday Miss Brid chose three new groups of Year 4 students to prepare her famous chocolate chip cookies.

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Pre-Nursery Music

We’ve had a fantastic time with the children in Pre-Nursery during their music class, but before we’ve been able to see how well they behave and line up to go back to class. We’ve even had the chance to meet […]

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Year 9A Spanish Lip Sync Song

Divided up in pairs and prepared to show their artistic talent, Year 9A students carried out a very fun exercise in Spanish. They had to learn the lyrics of a song chosen by their teacher but also show their skills […]

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Year 6 Science Parts of a Plant

Year 6C students have been studying the different parts of a plant in Science. They had the chance to put into practise what they had learnt in class with a project in which they had to indicate the parts of […]

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Year 7A French

Year 7A students have been learning how to introduce themselves in French and mention the languages they are able to speak. You can also hear them sing in French. Well done Year 7! Sorry for the quality of the video […]

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Vertical Garden

Today, Monday 3rd October, we are pleased to announce the opening of BSV’s Vertical Garden. As you can see, we can now enjoy a beautiful landscape full of different shades of green, which all together form a lovely mosaic that […]

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Year 4 Cooking

Today we shared a special afternoon with the Year 4 students preparing some delicious chocolate chip cookies with them. Only the ones who have really behaved throughout the week and have spoken English in class with their classmates have enjoyed […]

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Nursery B Colours

In Nursery they are currently learning the colours in English using dominoes. The children have to place the cards each one with its colour. Once they are all laid out, the teacher asks them which colour is which and they […]

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Year 8C ICT Photoshop

Year 8C students are currently working with Photoshop in ICT. Their task is to create a logo with fully professional appearance. Their teacher will take this into account when marking their work. To carry out the exercise they have been […]

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Reception B Self Registration

Children in Reception B carried out a Self Registration exercise with their teachers. In this activity the students are in charge of the morning register in which they have to identify their names on the flowers they have previously coloured. […]

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Year 3B Stone Age

In Year 3B they are currently studying about life in the Stone Age, so they had to pretend to live in a cave in which they had to draw all kinds of Stone Age art.

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Pre-Nursery Autumn

We’re celebrating the arrival of autumn with all the children in Pre-Nursery, and as you can see they’ve painted a beautiful tree using finger paint and decorated it using some leaves they’ve collected with their teachers.

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