Year 5 Fundación Bancaja Manolo Valdés Exhibition

Year 5 visited the exhibition of the Valencian artist Manolo Valdés in a show that brings together 130 art pieces representing the entire solo career of the painter. The exhibition covers all the genres in which the artist has expressed […]

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Pre-Nursery Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

Pre-Nursery children participated in a new Play & Learn activity they really enjoyed. Once their teachers had taped and painted the bubble wrap on their feet, it was time to start painting! There was plenty of stomping and marching and […]

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Year 2 y Year 5 Buddy Session

Year 2 children buddy up with Year 5 to practice some sport! They really enjoyed their shared PE lesson playing a game of Clean your Room where students have to get rid of the balls on their side throwing them […]

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Year 4 ‘Friendship Soup'

Are you aware of the recipe for friendship? Our Year 4 students have been working on a ‘Friendship Soup’ discussing the ingredients that go into making friends which include honesty, kindness, trust and respect as well as many others. Remember […]

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Reception ‘Antiguo Almacén de Dientes'

In our visit to the ‘Antiguo Almacén de Dientes’ Reception was very surprised to discover the place where the teeth of all the children in the world are taken. In this magical store in which the smallest detail is taken […]

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Pre-Nursery Physical Development

Physical activities are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The development of fundamental movement skills needs to be nurtured from an early stage. Pre-Nursery children are introduced to such activities to benefit their physical development. They begin to improve their […]

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Year 2 ‘The Runaway Chapati’

Just like in the book ‘The Runaway Chapati’ that our Year 2 students have read, they all had to run with a chapati bread on their heads trying not to drop like the main character of the story runs for […]

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Foto 23-10-17 19 32 33

First Aid and Health Safety in School

First aid and health safety training sessions have taken place at BSV with the collaboration of the Yo Te Salvo organisation. They were in charge of instructing the teachers and other staff members on how to perform CPR, how to […]

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Year 4 Capture the Dragon

Year 4 has discovered all the hidden dragons around Valencia in a route where they visited some of the most emblematic buildings in the city. Our journey began in the Torres de Serranos where students found out that a dragon […]

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Year 6 Fito and Rainforests

Last week our Year 6 students received a surprise visit from our friend Fito. This Amazon parrot was very helpful to explain the way in which animals physically adapt to their environment to be able to survive. Students didn’t stop […]

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Year 10 Gandía of the Borgia Family

Year 10 visited Gandía, place of residence of one of the most powerful families during the Renaissance who managed to gain high positions in the hierarchy of the royal court and also high ecclesiastical privileges. Our students found out more […]

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Lenguaje de Signos

Year 9 Learning Sign Language

Year 9 have been learning to communicate using sign language and to proof what they know they’ve managed to learn the song ‘Madre Tierra’, a very happy and cheerful song we are sure you are going to enjoy. Thanks to […]

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Year 7 Simat de Valldigna

“Praiseworthy valley for a monastery of your religion” tradition says these were the words said by king Jaume II when he went past the valley and was overwhelmed by its beauty. Year 7 had the chance to discover more about […]

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Year 1 and Year 4 Buddies

Year 1 and Year 4 shared a buddy session last week where the older students had to help the Year 1’s with their work. We believe this a fantastic way of teaching both years groups as they have the chance […]

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Year 3 Vialdea Road Security Park

Yesterday we learnt a lot about road safety regulations with our Year 3 students at the Vialdea Road Security Park. They had the chance to drive along the circuit in which they had to respect all the road safety regulations […]

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Nursery Sensory Play Jelly

The children in Nursery carried out a sensory activity in which they had the chance to explore the senses of touch, taste, smell and sight. These activities have many learning and developmental benefits for our Foundation students. They help to […]

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Foto 2-10-17 15 04 38

Year 9 Paris

Year 9 visited The Louvre Museum and the Île de la Cité, a natural island which used to be considered the centre of the city. They also visited the Notre-Dame Cathedral and by night they went on a boat trip […]

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Year 7 Science Dissection Experiments

Year 7 students performed their first lab experiment as Secondary students where as you can see, they had to dissect a heart. The procedure they had to follow was to explore the heart and all the attached vessels before cutting […]

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Pre-Nursery Welcome Autumn

Last week we celebrated the arrival of autumn with all the children in Pre-Nursery painting a tree using finger paint and decorating it using some leaves they had collected with their teachers.

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Foto 28-9-17 11 07 17

Evacuation Drill

This morning we conducted an evacuation drill, a security and also training procedure which developed satisfactorily. All our students evacuated the school following the indications given by their teachers, in an orderly manner and in record time, following all safety […]

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BSV Awards for Academic Excellence

BSV’s Award for Academic Excellence corresponds to the Year 12 student, Marc Veciana Belmonte and the Year 13 student Paula Cubero González. It is a great satisfaction for the school to hand out this award which acknowledges the hard work […]

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European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages

We know that being able to speak different languages is currently essential so today in BSV we are celebrating the #EuropeanDayOfLanguages with this video of our students and teachers.

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Pre-Nursery Learning Through Play

Play can be a way of exploring and learning. Our Pre-Nursery students begin to experiment the joy of discovering in a creative and fun environment. These activities keep them stimulated and excited and children begin to show greater confidence and […]

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XVI International Poetry Award ‘Leonor de Córdoba’

Ana María Pérez Díez, Spanish Language and Literature teacher in BSV, has been awarded the XVI International Poetry Award ‘Leonor de Córdoba’ by the Córdoba Town Hall and the Andrómina Cultural Association for her book ‘Temblor en el Canto’. 63 […]

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Reception Learning to Experience

Did you know our Reception students are developing different abilities through experimentation? They learn from first-hand experiences individually and in groups whilst they explore through their senses and develop their emerging autonomy. This enables them to work independently but always […]

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Year 9 Team Building Activity: Egg Drop

Year 9 students participated in a Team Building activity. They had to work in groups to design a structure where they had to place a raw egg. If their design worked effectively, it would prevent the egg from breaking when […]

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Back to School Secondary

After some exciting first days of school, we can now say all our students are back so we would like to give a warm welcome to all of them, especially to the Year 7 students who just started Secondary. See […]

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Back to School Primary

Today we’ve welcomed our Primary students and we are delighted to have them all back ready to start this new school year full of enthusiasm and determination. Go for it!

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Back to School Foundation

Our day began welcoming the youngest members of the school. Our Foundation students have returned eager to see their teachers and classmates after the summer holidays. We are very excited and happy to say welcome back to school!

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New School Year

At BSV we are warming up to start this new school year… are you ready? 🙇⚽️📐📝

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Congratulation University Inscription

Now that we have finished the academic year and completed the university inscription for our oldest students, I would like to convey to our Year 13 students a heartfelt congratulation on behalf of myself and all the teaching staff who […]

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After four intense days of performances that we are sure you’ve enjoyed just like our students have enjoyed preparing them. The teachers, management and the rest of BSV’s staff would like to wish you all a very happy summer holiday. […]

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Pre-Nursery Certificates

The children in Pre-Nursery show their certificates for their achievements in a year they’ve spent sharing, playing and learning together. Congratulations!

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Foto 16-6-17 10 50 06

House Point Trip

Congratulations to all the students in Andromeda as they are the winners of this year’s House Point Trip. The students in Year 1 to Year 8 enjoyed a wonderful day at the Adventure Park El Pla in Estivella and the […]

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Hama Beans Club

Last Wednesday the group of students who take part in the hama beans club decided to sell their products during their break in order to collect money for an NGO.

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Year 3 Roman Day

Emperors and empresses, soldiers and gladiators, the Year 3 students dressed up to celebrate Roman Day with many fun activities and a very special banquet where they enjoyed all kinds of fruits, cheese and many other delicacies.

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Pre-Nursery Science Experiments

The children in Pre-Nursery had a great time with Miss Blanca in the science lab participating in several experiments with magnets and substances that changed colour when another liquid was added. They were really impressed and listening very carefully to […]

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Year 7 Montanejos

As part of their science project, Year 7 students visited the village of Montanejos where they had to conduct various experiments taking samples of native plants and insects which they later had to discuss with their teacher.

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Year 13 Graduation Ceremony

Last Friday British School of Valencia held the Graduation Ceremony for the 10th Promotion of Year 13 students. The act was chaired by the head of BSV, Mrs Carmen Santafé Company, BSV’s technical director, Mr Pedro García Santafé and BSV’s […]

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Sports Day

This week at BSV we celebrated our traditional Sports Day event that takes place every year with our Foundation, Primary and Secondary students. Sports Day allows them to show their skills at the same time they enjoy themselves participating lots […]

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Year 6 Xàtiva

Year 6 went to Xàtiva where they visited the Hospital for the Poor and the Collegiate Basilica of Santa Maria. They went to the Museum of Almodí to see the portrait of Philip V king of Spain which is exhibited upside […]

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Year 4A Canada

Year 4A students have been learning about Canada this term and one of the projects they had to do in class was this huge postcard with the provincial and territorial flags of Canada.

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Year 8 Castellet de Bernabé Llíria

Year 8 visited the Iberian settlement of Castellet de Bernabé, an archaeological site located in the town of Llíria. Despite the deterioration suffered today, the surface of the town and the different rooms that formed the settlement like the mill, […]

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Year 1 Plants

In Year 1 they’ve learnt that plants are living things that require light and water to grow, they now know how to identify the parts of a plant and they’ve even had the chance to grow their own sunflowers. To […]

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Year 3 Sagunto

Year 3 students visited the city of Sagunto where they had the chance to see the doors that gave access to the Jewish Quarter of the town, visit the Roman theatre and Sagunto’s famous castle.

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The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Qualifying

Last weekend our Duke of Edinburgh students went on a trip to Estivella for their Bronze Qualifying Expedition. They were successfully examined showing great team working skills and abilities they have learnt during previous expeditions.

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Year 5 La Albufera

Year 5 visited la Albufera Natural Park in which they enjoyed a nice boat trip. They visited the lonja where they learnt how the eels are caught and they also went to a modeller’s workshop to see how the albuferencs […]

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Year 4B Rubik’s Cube

Year 4B student Gabriel Folgado shows off his incredible ability to solve a Rubik’s cube. Well-done Gabriel, great skills!

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Year 13 German Goethe-Zertifikat

We would like to congratulate the first group of BSV students who have studied German as they have managed to pass the Goethe-Zertifikat exam showing their knowledge and understanding of the language in different writing, reading, speaking and listening tests. […]

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Pre-Nursery Teddy Bear Picnic

The children from Pre-Nursery enjoyed a fantastic morning at the riverbed to celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic. Each child had to bring their favourite teddy bear to the park where they played with their friends on the slides and swings.

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Year 3A Animal Kingdom Assembly

During assembly the Year 3A students had to explain to their friends in Primary the lessons that we can learn from the animal kingdom showing them how animals work together for the greater good. They performed a play in front […]

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ClassSpain - web

Class Spain

Our former student Mariam Bas would like to share this interesting initiative with all of you. Class Spain offers different programmes abroad where students are able to improve a certain language, meet new people and spend an unforgettable summer. Dance […]

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Year 4 Egyptian Day

Year 4 students celebrated Egyptian Day dressing up as authentic Egyptian figures. In the morning they performed in front of all their friends, they participated in many different activities and in the afternoon they enjoyed a very special banquet. Here […]

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Year 10 Fundación Bancaja Julian Opie

Year 10 students learnt more about the artwork of British artist Julian Opie whose style is characterised by the lack of detail and minimalistic designs. On their visit to the Bancaja Foundation they participated in a workshop where they created […]

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Year 2C Manchester

Our Year 2C children have coloured some very special cards with all their love to show their support to all the innocent victims of the terrible attack that took place in Manchester just a few days ago. We would like […]

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Year 1 Visit Alquería

We enjoyed a wonderful morning with the Year 1 children at the Alquería Planta y Cull in Alboraya where the students learnt more about agriculture and the role of the farmers. They were able to feed the chicken, they learnt […]

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Year 6 Super Chef for a Day Contest

Our Year 6 students have become expert chefs thanks to everything they’ve been able to learn in the Super Chef for a Day Contest. They’ve had to prove their talent peeling beans and peanuts without breaking them as well as […]

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Year 9 Dinamic

A few weeks ago our Year 9 students had the opportunity to practice a very different sport to what they are used to. They visited Dinamic, an acrobatic gymnastics club where they learnt to jump on a trampoline, they tested […]

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Nursery Farm Park Railway

The children in Nursery had lots of fun at the Farm Park Railway in Burjassot where they enjoyed a train ride around the park.

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Year 5 Gredos Mountain Range

This weekend our Year 5 students enjoyed lots of fun outdoor activities at Sierra de Gredos. They went on horse and bike riding trips, participated in aerobic sessions as well as creative and cooking workshops. They even learnt basic archery […]

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Reception Infant Road Security Park La Canaleta

We had a great time with the children in Reception at the Infant Road Security Park La Canaleta where they learnt more about road safety regulations and had the chance to drive along the circuit in which they had to […]

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Year 3 Speaking English Prize

Congratulations to the group of Year 3 students who have been rewarded with a special prize as they have managed to speak English in class and with their friends. We are sure they enjoyed the cooking class with Mr Magnus!

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Year 2 Palau de la Música

The children in Year 2 enjoyed the play ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ at the Palau de la Música of Valencia. The students Andy Florea and Ana Albero were very lucky as they had the chance to participate on stage […]

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Year 5 Puppet Theatre

Year 5 students had a great time with Miss Mahe whilst they enjoyed a puppet show in French. They had the chance to practice the language answering the questions asked by the characters of the play at the same time […]

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Year 4B Mother’s Day

Year 4B students made some beautiful cards to celebrate Mother’s Day and we are sure they all loved the gift. Hope you enjoyed this really special day!

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Year 1 Fruit Salad

The children in Year 1 had to put on their chef hats this time to prepare a fruit salad with their classmates. Thanks to this activity they had the chance to put into practice different skills in order to prepare […]

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4C Assembly

Year 4C Mexico

Year 4C students have been learning more about the history, gastronomy and culture of Mexico preparing some burritos stuffed with rice, beans and lots of vegetables. They really enjoyed the activity!

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Year 6 End of Checkpoints Party

Last Friday our Year 6 students enjoyed an end of exams party with all their classmates to celebrate they had completed their Checkpoints. Congratulations for all the hard work!

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Year 3 Ecosystems

Year 3 students brought their ecosystems project to school as they had to explain everything they had learnt about this topic to their classmates. Each student created their own design and they all turned out to be some very original […]

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EYPE Gerona Grupo

EYPE Gerona Jury Report

Once again, we have to congratulate our EYPE group who participated in the 12th National Selection Conference of EYPE held in Gerona just a few weeks ago. Four schools were chosen by the jury one of which is made up […]

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Year 5A Easter Assembly

Welcome back! We hope you have enjoyed the holidays, now it’s time to get back to work and finish this school year. Here you have some pictures of the Year 5A students performing a short play for Primary in which […]

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Easter 2017

This morning our Foundation students have been looking for a hidden treasure in the playground… some delicious chocolate eggs which their teachers had placed in secret locations. Meanwhile, Primary students have participated in a catwalk wearing their Easter Bonnets whilst […]

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Foto 10-4-17 9 56 42

Gerona 2017 – 12th National Selection Conference of EYPE

Congratulations to our team of delegates at the European Youth Parliament National Session which took place in Gerona. They spent five days with like-minded students from all over Spain debating the most important issues of our times such as Brexit, […]

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Nursery A Activities

Some of the Nursery A children were able to experiment different painting techniques to simulate fish scales, others learnt how to use a punch to make a pattern of holes around the outline of their drawings whilst the rest spent […]

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Foto 22-3-17 15 13 22

Student Exchange Programme France

A few weeks ago we received a group of exchange students from the Collège Victor Hugo in Narbonne, France. They spent a few days with the Year 8 students and their families with who they discovered the city, our culture […]

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Year 2 Role Playing Witness Statement

After reading the book ‘Tom’s Sausage Lion’, the Year 2 teachers’ decided to do a role-play related to Tom’s story. In the book the boy claims he has seen a lion strolling through an orchard with a string of sausages […]

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Las Provincias Best Schools

We are very excited to share this article published today in a special supplement of Las Provincias about the Best Schools in the Valencian Community. Just like our students, all the staff in British School of Valencia never stops learning […]

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Year 4C UK

Divided up in different groups the Year 4C students carried out a project about the United Kingdom in which they had to investigate about the traditions and the gastronomy of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.

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German Students Videoconference

Year 13 students who study German had the opportunity to chat with a worker from a refugee centre in Germany to who they asked all kinds of question related to this issue. We believe that this is a very interesting […]

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Year 1 Following Instructions

With this simple exercise, which turned out to be very attractive for the Year 1 students, they had the chance to work as a team at the same time they learnt how to prepare a jam sandwich by following their […]

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Year 6 Science Experiments

Year 6 students have consolidated their understanding about forces through various experiments in which they learnt that forces have direction and can be measured. Their experimental and investigative work focused on making and repeating measurements, considering patterns in results, representing […]

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Year 8 and Year 10 PE

The Year 10 IGCSE Physical Education class have been learning how to test components of fitness in their theory lessons. A group of those students applied them to a practical setting with a Year 8 class as part of their […]

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Foto 9-3-17 16 02 36

Nursery Fallas Model Workshop

Before the Fallas holiday, our Nursery children visited the Rajoleria Museum where they had the chance to participate in a workshop in which they learnt how to make their own fallas models.

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El Mundo ‘The Top 100 Schools in Spain’

We are back after Fallas with some great news we would like to share with you. British School of Valencia has been selected as one of the best international schools in the 18th edition of The Top 100 Schools in […]

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After the burning of the Falla, we hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday. Here you have some more pictures of the students celebrating Fallas. See you all soon!

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Ninot Indultat 2017

Ninot Indultat 2017

We could not be more grateful for your participation in our contest. Thanks to all the families who have voted during the competition, shared the pictures and follow us day after day on social networks. The Ninot Indultat 2017 is […]

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Ninot Indultat Contest 2017

Are you ready for our Ninot Indultat Contest 2017? We know it’s not easy to choose only one of the ninots (fallas models) with the great artists we have in school, but only one, the one you decide with your […]

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Foto 23-2-17 16 03 20

Year 4 Scientists for a Day

Year 4 students became ‘Scientists for a Day’ participating in a series of experiments which included creating coloured milk, quickflour and dragon drool. They all loved the experience, especially becoming real scientists using lots of different tools such as beakers, […]

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Year 13 Chemistry Presentation

The Year 13 Chemistry class have tackled their two-day seminar, like every year, about Polymer Chemistry. As they are headed for a scientific career, an important part of their education will be about taking Science in front of an audience. […]

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Foto 23-2-17 12 36 27

Year 9 San Miguel de los Reyes

Year 9 went to visit San Miguel de los Reyes where they toured around the grounds of the old monastery that later on was used as a prison and today houses the Valencian Library. The students also participated in a […]

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Pre-Nursery ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

The children in Pre-Nursery also had the chance to read the story about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and enjoy lots of different activities related to the book. They had to create their own version of the caterpillar with fruits using […]

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