Year 11 Geography Coursework

Yesterday we had the chance to visit the city centre, Ruzafa and the City of Arts and Sciences with the IGCSE Geography students. Their task was to complete the questionnaire they had previously written in class related to tourism in […]

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Year 2 Maths

Who said maths was boring? As you can see our Year 2 students are really concentrated on their work trying to identify the missing numbers on the grid. They also had the chance to work on the interactive whiteboard playing […]

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Academic Results 2017-2018

After receiving the academic results for the 2017-2018 school year, we couldn’t be more pleased by the grades of our former Year 13 students. Two of them have managed to obtain the highest mark in the Spanish curriculum, a 14 […]

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Roald Dalh Day Collage

Year 4 ‘Roald Dahl Day’

Our Year 4 students have joined the worldwide celebration of ‘Roald Dahl Day’ that takes place every September 13th. Yesterday they all participated in different activities related to the life and work of the British author. They enjoyed some reading […]

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Nursery Colours

These first weeks of school our Nursery students have been exploring and learning new colour names in English. They are currently working with the colour yellow and with their teachers they’ve been able to experiment using different tools and resources. […]

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We are back!

Hello September! It’s time to head back to school and we’ve already welcomed all our Foundation, Primary, Secondary and 6th Form students. It feels great to have them back! Remember that we are at your full disposal in order to […]

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Welcome back to school!


Ready… steady… go! All our teachers and the rest of our staff are ready for the beginning of the school year. Tomorrow we welcome back our Foundation students. It’s time to head back to school!

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Felicitación Ingreso Universitario

Now that we have finished the academic year and completed the university inscription, I would like to convey to our Year 13 students a heartfelt congratulation on behalf of myself and all the teaching staff who have participated in their […]

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Farewell Doña Carmen

Dear students, teachers and parents, I would like to take a moment to wish you all a wonderful summer. I hope you all have a fantastic time and a well deserved rest. See you all next term refreshed, full of […]

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Preparing World Challenge Tanzania

A group of BSV students are participating in the World Challenge program created by the United Kingdom, which offers a range of overseas travel plans targeted at schools. The World Challenge team has worked very hard to raise money for […]

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After four intense days of music, dance and lots of talent of our Foundation, Primary and Secondary students and of course their teachers, we would like to bid farewell to this academic year and wish a very happy summer holiday […]

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Foto 14-6-18 11 16 38

House and Merit Trips

Congratulations to all the students in Phoenix as they are the winners of this year’s House Point Trip! The students in Year 1 to Year 9 enjoyed a wonderful day at the Adventure Park El Pla in Estivella. The older […]

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Science Fair

Our first Science Fair was a great success! The children couldn’t be more excited especially after all the visits they received throughout the day when teachers, students and the management came to see their experiments. As you can see they […]

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Foto 7-6-18 16 32 11 (1)

Year 4 Scientists for a Day

Year 4 students became ‘Scientists for a Day’ participating in a series of experiments at the Príncipe Felipe Museum. The same group of students were in charge of organising the first Science Fair at BSV and believe us when we […]

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Year 8 Valltorta Museum

Part of the Spanish History syllabus of the Year 8 students has been about prehistoric cave paintings. To learn more about this subject they visited the Valltorta Museum in Castellón where they discovered some of the cave art we can […]

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Captura de pantalla 2018-06-20 a las 9.14.58

BSVoice Newspaper

Here you have a copy of the second edition of BSVoice, the school’s newspaper written by the students. We hope you enjoy reading it just as much as our young journalists enjoyed writing it.

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Captura de pantalla 2018-06-19 a las 17.14.26

BSV Choir

Here you have a sneak peek of one of the songs our choir will be singing on Friday… if you think we have amazing singers wait until you see them in the Secondary festival!

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Foto 25-5-18 16 51 27

Year 7 Montanejos

Year 7 students put their lab coats on to visit the village of Montanejos where they had to conduct various experiments taking samples of native plants and insects as part of their science project.

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Year 5 Puppet Theatre

Year 5 students had a great time with Miss Mahe whilst they enjoyed a puppet show in French. They had the chance to practice the language singing and answering the questions asked by the characters of the play.

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Year 2 Honey Museum

In our visit to the Honey Museum the Year 2 students had the chance to participate in two workshops where they made honey candles and their own herbarium. Most importantly they all learnt how bees are important for our environment. […]

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Year 13 Graduation Ceremony

Last Friday British School of Valencia held the Graduation Ceremony for the 11th Promotion of Year 13 students. The act was chaired by the head of BSV, Mrs Carmen Santafé Company, Mr Pedro García Santafé, Mr Neil Barnes and BSV’s […]

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Sports Day

We’ve spent these last two weeks celebrating Sports Day with our Foundation, Primary and Secondary students. Four fantastic days where they’ve enjoyed different sports, they’ve had lots of fun and they’ve also learnt the importance of working as a team. […]

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Nursery Botanical Garden

Nursery visited the Botanical Gardens where they had the chance to see lots of different plants, flowers and trees at the same time they learnt the importance of taking care of the environment. They also participated in a workshop where […]

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Book Bingo Winners

These were the winners of our Book Bingo! BSV likes to reward keen readers so the students who have read more books during the school year have been able to choose a book to read during the holidays. Congratulations!

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Year 9 National Police Station

A few weeks ago we spent a very pleasant morning with the Year 9 students at the National Police Station of Ruzafa in Valencia. The students were able to see first-hand the work carried out by the law enforcement and […]

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Year 3 Roman Day

Roman madness in BSV! To end the topic about the Romans the Year 3 students have celebrated our traditional Roman Day in which they had the chance to participate in different activities to then enjoy a banquet with all kinds […]

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Year 12 Biotechnology Organisation of the Comunidad Valenciana

Three of our Year 12 students were selected by the Biotechnology Organisation of the Comunidad Valenciana to participate in the Biotechnofarm activity. Our students spent the morning at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia working at the laboratory conducting some experiments […]

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Pre-Nursery Teddy Bear Picnic

Pre-Nursery enjoyed a wonderful morning at the riverbed to celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic. They played with their favourite teddy bear, they ran, laughed and they were so lucky that they even had the chance to see a flock of ducks. […]

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Mexican Cuisine Day

Viva México in our dinning room! Last Friday our students and teachers celebrated Mexican Cuisine Day where they enjoyed some delicious tacos and nachos with guacamole.

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Reception Infant Road Security Park La Canaleta

Reception had a great time learning about road safety regulations at the Infant Road Security Park La Canaleta. They could not wait to drive along the circuit in which they had to respect all the road safety regulations they had […]

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Foto 25-5-18 16 36 03

1st Innovative Education Awards Madrid 2018

After the 1st Innovative Education Awards Gala that took place in Madrid last Friday. We would like to thank the organisers of the event for this kind of initiative as they value all the work we do with our students. […]

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Year 6 Circuits

Year 6 students have been studying the topic of electricity experimenting with circuits. They now understand that switches can be used to control devices and how the brightness of the bulb can vary. This unit consolidates their knowledge of materials which […]

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Year 5 Albufera

In our visit to la Albufera Natural Park with the Year 5’s we went to la Trilladora del Tocaio, one of the historic buildings of El Palmar linked to traditional rice farming. Then we all enjoyed a nice boat trip […]

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Pre-Nursery Shapes

In Pre-Nursery they’ve put into practice everything they’ve learnt about shapes. With games and outdoor activities they’ve managed to identify the shape of different objects having to place them with their corresponding figure. They’ve also had to work together with […]

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Year 3 Sagunto

During our visit to Sagunto our Year 3 students had lots of fun listening to Mr Barnes explaining some very curious facts about the history of the city. They walked around the old town where they visited the castle and […]

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Year 1 ‘Bog Baby'

In Year 1 they’ve just finished reading ‘The Baby Bog’ and they’ve had the chance to make their own bog babies using plasticine. The book tells the story of two sisters who go fishing to a magic pond where they […]

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Year 9 Dinamic

Some weeks ago we enjoyed a great day of sport training with the Year 9’s in our visit to Dinamic, an acrobatic gymnastics club. After some warm up exercises they learnt how to use aerial silks, practised different gymnastic flips […]

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Premios IE

1st Innovative Education Awards Votes

You can now register your vote for the 1st Innovative Education Awards! With your help we can become the winners of this new education contest. In the following link you are able to vote for BSV in the category of […]

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Reception Farewell Sofía

Last Friday we said goodbye to Sofia who has just finished her internship with our Reception students. Before leaving she handed out some custom medals she had made with the names of each one of the students. We wish you […]

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Year 5 Sailing Talk

A few weeks ago our Year 5 students received a visit from Andrés Suar, naval architect and father of the school. During the talk Andrés explained different aspects of the design and structure of sailing yachts. We all enjoyed the […]

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BSV Premios IE Uso Tecnología

Finalist 1st Innovative Education Awards

We are very pleased to announce that British School of Valencia has been selected as one of the finalists of the 1st Innovative Education Awards in the category of Use of Technology. Amongst all the other candidatures that have been submitted, […]

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Year 6 Xàtiva

Year 6 visited Xàtiva going on a train ride through the old town up to the Castle where they had the chance to enjoy the beautiful view whilst they walked around the fortress and visited the castle’s prison. They also […]

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Friday Clubs Primary

Let’s celebrate the end of the week with our Primary Friday Clubs! The best way to start the weekend after all the effort and hard work.

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Year 9 Narbonne

The French teachers who travelled to Narbonne with the Year 9’s wanted to share more photos of the exchange experience with the Victor Hugo students. As you can see they enjoyed plenty of activities, they had the chance to discover […]

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Year 6 Checkpoints Party 🎉

Year 6 students have finished their Checkpoints and they’ve had the chance to celebrate this afternoon! Now we just have to wait for the results but we would like to congratulate the students for all these months of hard work. […]

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Pre-Nursery ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

We would like to introduce you to our Pre-Nursery caterpillars. ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ is the all-time classic picture book which follows the life cycle of a caterpillar and teaches the children the days of the week and how to […]

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Captura de pantalla 2018-04-24 a las 11.46.40

Year 4 Instruments

They are only 9 years old and our Year 4 students are growing to be some impressive young musicians. Here we can see them showing their artistic abilities playing the piano, the guitar, the clarinet or the violin. We are […]

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Year 12 City of Justice

Our Year 12 students went to the City of Justice of Valencia where they were able to visit the building and attend different trials in order to see how judges, attorneys and lawyers work. They also learnt about the three […]

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Reception Fossils

Reception has gone one step further about what they’ve been learning about dinosaurs 🦖 in order to… make their own fossils! Once they were dry they had to paint them and the final result could not be more authentic. A great […]

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Year 7 ICT Programming

Year 7 created a rock, paper, scissors game using code. They used a programmable computer called micro: bit designed to make coding easy and fun. It’s a perfect solution for letting the students learn in an intuitive way making computer […]

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Year 4 Travel Journal Postcards

Do you remember Year 4’s travel journal? During the year they’ve been receiving lots of postcards with messages from countries such as Canada, United States, China and the Dominican Republic. You can’t imagine how excited they were with the activity, […]

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Captura de pantalla 2018-04-10 a las 11.48.40

Back to School

We are back! 😃🙇✍️ You may now consult the new lunch menus on our website and remember we are always at your full disposal in order to attend any doubt or question about any subject.

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Easter 2018

This morning we saw some stunning Easter bonnets designed by the Primary students and we also had the chance to participate in the Easter egg hunt with the children in Foundation. In the afternoon we’ve all enjoyed the traditional mona […]

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Year 10 and Year 11 IGCSE PE Practice

Our Year 10 and Year 11 students are currently preparing for their physical education exam as part of the IGCSE official examinations. In these last two weeks they’ve been able to put into practice their swimming and athletic skills. This […]

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Year 12 and 13 Palau de les Arts

A few weeks ago our Year 12 and Year 13 students enjoyed a guided tour of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, one of the most important artistic and cultural centres worldwide and a highly relevant architectural reference designed […]

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Fallas 2018

We come back to school after fallas but first we would like to share with all of you the pictures of our students celebrating the chocolatada and the cremà. We hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday! We are now ready to […]

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Winners Ninot Indultat Contest 2018

And the winners of our Ninot Indultat Contest 2018 are… The children in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 4 with their fantastic creations!!! A spectacular fruit basket made by the two groups in Key Stage 1 and the bridge […]

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Las Provincias ‘Best Schools'

Here you have the link to the ‘Best Schools’ supplement published in Las Provincias newspaper. The article about our school explains the importance of knowing how to connect with students through emotions in order to encourage both their personal and […]

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1. Pre-Nursery

Ninot Indultat Contest 2018

It’s here, it’s arrived our #NinotIndultatContest2018. You keep surprising us every year with all your votes so that’s why we are confident that this year is going to be even better. In order to vote for your favourite fallas model […]

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Foundation Pre-Fallas

Our young artists are getting ready for Fallas, our big week is coming up so… which fallas model will you save from the flames? Ready, steady, GO!

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Year 3 ‘Casa Museo de la Magia'

Every time we visit the Casa Museo de la Magia we are always surprised by the magician’s performance something we can certainly see in the faces of the Year 3 students. They really enjoy the show and never cease to […]

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Year 4 Príncipe Felipe Museum ‘Tasty Molecules’

Are you aware of the secrets of molecular gastronomy? Our Year 4 students have become experts learning some of the most innovative techniques of this new food discipline participating in a series of experiments where they had the chance to […]

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Regional Selection Conference EYP Spain 2018

Six of our Year 12 students participated in the Regional Selection Conferences of The European Youth Parliament Spain held in Valencia from Friday 16th – Sunday 18th February. The event was organised by a selection of students one of which […]

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Year 6 Príncipe Felipe Museum ‘Fear of the Void'

Year 6 students participated in the ‘Fear of the Void’ workshop at the Príncipe Felipe Museum where they carried out different experiments to observe the effects caused by pressure changes or how other factors such as air friction can affect […]

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La Chandeleur

A few weeks ago we celebrated Pancake Day also known as Shrove Tuesday with our primary students. This time we enjoyed the French version known as La Chandeleur with Year 7, 8 and 9 students. They all shared a very […]

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Reception Príncipe Felipe Museum Dinosaurs

Our Reception students have embarked on an exciting trip to the past at the Príncipe Felipe Museum where they’ve had the chance to see a dinosaur exhibition to learn even more about these amazing creatures. Many fossils and dinosaur replicas […]

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TalentSpace Career Guidance Lectures

The 47th Career Guidance Lectures organised by TalentSpace will be taking place at the Fundación Bancaja in Valencia from Monday 5th to Friday 9th of March. Students, teachers and many other professionals will participate in the conferences in order to […]

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Nursery Chinese New Year

It’s Friday and there is no better way to start the weekend than celebrating the Year of the Dog with our Nursery Children. This animal symbolises loyalty and happiness, what we like to call a man’s best friend. We hope […]

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Year 5 History Museum ‘The City Through Time’

Year 5 students enjoyed a guided visit to the History Museum where they had to identify the different historical periods of our city. They learnt about the roman period Valentia, they discovered Balansiya one of the Taifa kingdoms and they […]

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Pre-Nursery Eating Healthy: Fruits

In Pre-Nursery they are learning the importance of eating a variety of nutritious foods in order to grow healthy and strong. Therefore their teachers had prepared a series of activities to make them understand the benefits of eating fruits on […]

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Year 2 Blow Painting

Our Year 2’s have learnt a new painting technique known as blow painting which encourages exploration, investigation and of course gives free rein to their imagination. This simple technique allows them to create some very interesting abstract pieces of artwork […]

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Pancake Day

On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day with Primary and… we all had a great time! Before decorating their pancakes our Year 4 students had to write how they were going to make them, the ingredients they needed and draw how […]

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Year 3 Random Acts of Kindness Week

The ‘Random Acts of Kindness Week’ is a week to celebrate and encourage random acts of affection and generosity to try and make people’s day-to-day life happier. For this reason our Year 3 children were in charge of the assembly […]

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Reception Dinosaurs

Reception have been studying many interesting facts about dinosaurs, they’ve learnt their names and they’ve had the chance to build their own den to place the eggs they had made with their teachers. They’ve even become archaeologists for a day […]

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Year 4 Dental Hygiene

Having good oral hygiene habits is really important and that’s what we want to transmit to our students. Our Year 4 children had the chance to listen to Mónica Torregrosa who explained the need of taking care of our teeth […]

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Chinese Cuisine Day

Take a look at our dinning room decoration when we celebrated Chinese Cuisine Day a few weeks ago. Both teachers and students were able to enjoy a very special menu which included Cantonese rice, spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken. Ummm… […]

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Year 7 Climbing Club Bunker Valencia

Our Year 7 students enjoyed a really fun morning at the Climbing Club Bunker in Valencia. They started with some warm-up exercises to then split up into two groups where some of them learnt the rock climbing technique they had […]

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Pre-Nursery Tile Industry Museum

Super fun visit to the Tile Industry Museum with Pre-Nursery where they’ve learnt the importance of this artisanal handicraft work in Valencia and how to make their own mudbricks. Today they’ve had the chance to paint them in school and […]

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Nanoscience Lecture with Professor Rubén Pérez

Rubén Pérez is a Condensed Matter Physics Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where he now works as a full professor and leader of the Scanning Probe Microscopy Theory and Nanomechanics Group. He came to visit our 6th Form […]

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Captura de pantalla 2018-01-29 a las 16.36.40

Year 4 Kung Fu Punctuation

Our Year 4’s have been studying punctuation and their teacher has taught them some kung fu moves for different punctuation marks. Once they had learnt them they had to perform the correct move and sound to match each one. As […]

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Nursery PE ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

Our Nursery children have just read the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ that is why they’ve become caterpillars and butterflies in their PE class. At the same time they do some sport the children put into practice what they’ve learnt […]

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Year 5 Ancient Greece

We would like to share with you some pictures of our Year 5’s after studying about Ancient Greece. They finished the topic preparing a Greek salad and dressing up as authentic personalities of the time. Making them learn through first-hand […]

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1Foto 17-1-18 11 55 04

Year 13 Chemistry Faculty Universidad de Valencia

Year 13 students visited the Chemistry Faculty at the Universidad de Valencia to participate in various activities including experimental work in the laboratory. Our students were informed about the structure of the Chemistry Degree, possible career paths as well as […]

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BSV PremiosME

2nd National Awards of Educational Marketing

You can now register your vote for the 2nd National Awards of Educational Marketing! With your help we can become the winners of the contest. In the following link you are able to vote for BSV in the category of […]

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Year 4 Cat Food

The Year 4 students did it again! The Christmas food campaign for all the cats living in the botanical garden has been a great success. Our students have managed to raise enough food for all the cats. There is your […]

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See You Soon Miss Margaret!

We would like to share with you some very special news… our dear co-worker Miss Margaret was surprised by the teachers and the school’s management to celebrate her retirement. During the celebration we all enjoyed a video where the staff, […]

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Welcome back to school text drawing by colorful chalk in blackboard with school items and elements. Vector illustration banner.

Beginning of Second Term

We would like to welcome everyone back to this new term we are about to begin after the Christmas holidays. We understand returning to a daily routine is always difficult but we are confident that our students are excited to […]

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Captura de pantalla 2018-01-03 a las 10.48.48

Finalist 2nd National Awards for Educational Marketing 2018

GREAT NEWS!!! We couldn’t start this New Year happier British School of Valencia has been selected as a finalist in the 2nd National Awards of Educational Marketing 2018 in the category of Best Strategy in Social Networks for which more than 500 educational […]

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Father Christmas Visits BSV

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our children with Father Christmas, they couldn’t have been more excited! We would also like to wish you a Happy New Year and let you know that tomorrow we will share some very […]

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Postal Navidad 2017

Happy Holidays!

With this Christmas card designed by the Year 5C student Elisa Esteo, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!  🎉🎊🎉

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Christmas Carol Concerts

Our Foundation, Primary and Secondary students attended the San Francisco de Borja Church to celebrate the traditional Christmas Carol Concert with their families. More photos here  

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Christmas Food Collection Campaign

Each year we ask for your cooperation with our Christmas food collection campaign to help those most in need and you continue to amaze us with your contribution in this good cause. New success in the food collection campaign thanks […]

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