Pre-Nursery Autumn Tree

¡We finish the week with our Pre-Nursery students collecting some leaves which they will later use to create their own autumn tree!

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BSV New Facilities

If you couldn’t join us during Global Be Well Day, here you have some photos of the renovation carried out in the Foundation area, the Secondary study room which was redecorated with the student’s ideas and of course, our new […]

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New Facilities for Year 11, 12 and 13 Parents

Here you have the pictures of the opening event we organised for the Year 11, 12 and 13 parents. In this event, BSV director and headteacher had the opportunity to explain all the academic benefits of these new spaces for […]

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BSV Celebrates Global Be Well Day

Last Friday, 27th September in BSV we celebrated Global Be Well Day an event about physical and mental wellbeing that we shared with more than 45,000 students from all the other Cognita schools from around the world. In BSV we […]

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BSV Awards for Academic Excellence

BSV’s Award for Academic Excellence corresponds to the Year 12 student, Elena Giner Villar and the Year 13 student, Jorge Mora Moreno. It is a great satisfaction for the school to hand out this award which acknowledges the hard work […]

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GBWD Facebook

Global Be Well Day

It’s nearly time for Cognita Be Well Day! Friday 27th September the whole community will focus on mental and physical wellbeing. Some of the topics that we will address will be sleep, how to have a healthy lifestyle, the importance of […]

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BSV’s New Facilities for 6th Form Opens its Doors

The new facilities for the 6th Form students opened its doors on September 6th with the opening ceremony organised for the Year 11, 12 and 13 students. This event was attended by Pedro García Santafé and Neil Barnes, Director and […]

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  Welcome back to school! Today we’ve welcomed our Foundation students and we couldn’t be happier to have them all back. In the upcoming weeks we will be incorporating some changes but for now and as you can already see, […]

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BSV – Technical Directors Meeting Cognita Spain

Last Friday 14 June, British School of Valencia hosted the Technical Directors Meeting attended by the directors of Cognita Schools in Spain which include ELIS Murcia, ELIS Villamartín, TEMS, Hastings, BSB and CEM. The meeting was also attended by Fidelma […]

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UNED Results

We would like to congratulate our Year 13 students for their good exam results. Counting both the British and Spanish ones, our students have obtained an average grade for Spanish universities higher than 10 out of 14. 32% of the […]

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let's enjoy summer to the fullest!

Happy Summer

We would like to thank all the support we’ve received throughout this year, to have you by our side is very important for all the BSV family. We would like to bid farewell to this school year and wish you […]

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2G65956 WEB

Year 13 Graduation Ceremony

On Friday, June 7 we held the Graduation Ceremony for the 12th Promotion of Year 13 students. With the families and friends of the graduates as well as their teachers, the act was chaired by the school management. The event […]

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Pre-Nursery Protecting the Environment   

Our Pre-Nursery students now understand that protecting the oceans is our responsibility. For this activity, their teachers used a parachute to simulate the sea so that the children could see how the fish could swim. Then they filled the sea […]

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IMG_2716 WEB

Year 2 Painter Visits BSV

A few days ago we received Goyo Pérez, grandfather of one of our Year 2 students. He is a figurative and abstract artist who visited the school to explain his artwork to the students. Goyo showed them some of his […]

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Captura de pantalla 2019-05-23 a las 16.24.53

Year 4 Resilience Assembly

We hope you enjoy the performance of our Year 4 students and the song ‘Fight Song’ which they’ve had to sing to the rest of Primary. They also prepared a show in which they explained the meaning of some of […]

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Year 6 Mas de Borrás

Here you have the pictures of our Year 6 students at Mas de Borrás in Castellón where they’ve had the chance to enjoy lots of different activities surrounded by nature.

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Foto 13-5-19 18 10 04

First Aid Course Reminder

All BSV staff have had the opportunity to participate in a new first aid course as a reminder of previous training sessions that have taken place in the school. With the collaboration of Valora Prevención, organisation in charge of instructing […]

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Year 7 Fieldwork Montanejos

Year 7 students have been doing some practical work related with ecology where they were in charge of collecting all kinds of data. They used different equipment such as quadrats to measure plant biodiversity, pooters and sweep nets to collect insects […]

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Year 4 ‘Share a Story Around the World'

We are very excited to announce a creative, collaborative and student-led project within the Cognita family. Our Year 4 students have participated in ‘Share a Story Around the World’, an initiative that brings together creative writing from the students of […]

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Final sprint of the school year! On our last day before the holidays, we celebrated Easter with different activities such as the Easter bonnet competition, the Easter egg hunt with our Foundation students and of course enjoying our traditional mona […]

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Year 1 How to Read and Follow a Recipe: Fruit Salad

Our Year 1 students have had the chance to put into practice different skills preparing a fruit salad with their classmates. With this activity they’ve learnt how to read and follow a recipe step by step. They had to peel […]

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The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award group, consisting of Year 10 and 11 students, crossed the Sierra Calderona, navigating their way across the park and through various towns to achieve their group objectives. After a day in the hills, the […]

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Pre-Nursery Exploring through their Senses

Learning through sensory exploration encourages children to explore and investigate by themselves at the same time it encourages the development of their motor skills. This activity allowed our Pre-Nursery children to learn about the senses of touch, smell, taste and sight whilst they explored […]

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Year 3 Casa Museo de la Magia

Year 3 visited the Casa Museo de la Magia where they enjoyed a fantastic performance with some amazing tricks with a magician who made them laugh during the entire show.

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Year 9 Spanish Language Board Games

In order to put into practice and revise some of the topics they had studied in Spanish Language during the first and second term, our Year 9 students had to design their own board game in which their creativity and […]

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Year 12 Palau de les Arts

Our Year 12 students enjoyed a guided tour in one of the most important artistic and cultural centres worldwide, el Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, designed by Santiago Calatrava. During the visit, they accessed the areas where some of […]

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Outstanding Cambridge University Learner Awards

British School of Valencia is proud to announce that once again, four of our students have been awarded with the Outstanding Cambridge University Learner Awards. This time two of our Year 11 students managed to achieve the Top in Spain […]

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Winners Ninot Indultat Contest 2019

Thank you for participating in our contest, this year we’ve decided that the winners of the Ninot Indultat Contest 2019 are… The students in Foundation and Year 5! An amazing rocket made by Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception and Star Wars […]

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Ninot Indultat Contest 2019

Ninot Indultat Contest 2019! Just like last year, to vote for your favourite fallas model you MUST FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND “LIKE” THE PHOTO OF THE MODEL YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAVE. You will be able to vote until […]

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Year 4 Príncipe Felipe Museum ‘Tasty Molecules’

Our Year 4 students participated in the ‘Tasty Molecules’ workshop where they learnt to apply the scientific method in order to understand the different reactions that occur when food is being processed. They carried out several experiments to make their […]

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Year 7 Firecrackers Safety Workshop

Fallas are almost here so we believe it was a good idea to organise a talk for our Year 7 students so that they could learn how to throw firecrackers safely. The workshop was given by two Police officers who […]

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Pre-Nursery Caterpillars

We have the funniest caterpillars in the world! These past few weeks they have been working with the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ doing all sorts of activities, they’ve even learnt the song! With our Pre-Nursery children we would like […]

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Captura de pantalla 2019-02-26 a las 15.14.24

Year 9 Acrosport

We would like to introduce you to a new sport that our Year 9 students have been practicing for the past five weeks. Acrobatic gymnastics also known as acrosport is a sporting discipline where gymnasts perform acrobatic figures combined with […]

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Year 3 Fractions with Sweets

Here we have our Year 3 students and by the look on their faces we can see they are having lots of fun learning with their friends. They are currently studying fractions using different resources like sweets. Thanks to group […]

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Year 4 Chocolate Investigation

Our Year 4 students have combined science with cooking to carry out an experiment using chocolate. The students exposed some chocolate bars to different temperatures to find out what could happen. They were able to see how at a certain […]

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Nursery Chinese New Year

Last week we celebrated Chinese New Year with our Nursery children. We all had lots of fun eating noodles to welcome the Year of the Pig! We love celebrating different cultures.

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Year 12 & 13 Biotechnofarm Workshop

The Biotechnofarm project was born with the intention of promoting biotechnology for 6th Form students. Therefore our Year 12 and 13 students had to conduct an experiment to prove how red cabbage can be used as a natural pH indicator. […]

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Cognita Logo & Strap_Secondary_Dark Grey_CMYK

British School of Valencia joins Cognita Schools

After being made official last month, today we would also like to share the news with all of you in our social media profiles that British School of Valencia has joined the Cognita family. This leading educational group, founded in […]

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Year 7 Climbing Club Bunker Valencia

It is very important to promote physical activity and sport amongst children so that they learn to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. As you can see our Year 7 students really enjoyed practising new and different sports with our […]

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Year 6 Chemical Reactions

Chemistry is one of those subjects best learnt by observation and experimentation. So… what happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda? After studying this in science, our Year 6 students carried out this very simple experiment which helped them […]

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Reception Sounds

Our Reception children have been practising phonics with letter-sound pictures which help them learn sounds quickly, in a simple and fun way. Early phonics focuses on developing the students listening skills so that they become aware of different sounds to […]

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Year 10 & 11 Music IGCSE

Music is also a very important subject in our syllabus since it stimulates our student’s creativity and imagination whilst they develop their artistic streak. Here we can see our Year 10 and Year 11 IGCSE music students working with their […]

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Pre-Nursery Dancing

It’s Friday and the body knows it! You just have to see our Pre-Nursery children dancing and singing different songs in English. There is nothing better for us than watching our students grow happy and with a big smile on […]

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Year 7 Geography Sinkholes

At the end of last term our Year 7 students had the opportunity to put into practice what they had been studying in their geography class. They came up with a project in which they had to design their own […]

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First Week Back

We wrap up this first week after the holidays! Our students are already working hard to start this second term thanks to the help and support of their teachers and classmates. We are sure that with effort and determination they […]

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Career Guidance Lectures

Here you have a video of our Career Guidance Lectures that took place before the Christmas holidays and where we received numerous universities as well as our former students. These lectures are really helpful for our Year 11, 12 and […]

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Merry Christmas Doña Carmen

Dear students, teachers and parents, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Holiday and I wish you all the best in 2019 sharing it with […]

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Father Christmas

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our children with Father Christmas, they couldn’t have been more excited! Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! May you and your loved ones have a wonderful and magical night. Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Carol Concerts

Here you have the photos of the Foundation, Primary and Secondary students celebrating our traditional Christmas Carol Concert. We hope you enjoyed it as both students and teachers put a lot of effort and hard work.

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Suplemento Innovación El Mundo

’El Mundo’ Innovative Schools

Last Saturday ‘El Mundo’ newspaper published a special supplement about Innovative Schools where British School of Valencia was mentioned. They also interviewed our headteacher Mr Neil Barnes about the reality of today’s education system. Here you can download the article […]

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Year 13 Banco de España

This year our Year 13 students have been able to visit the Banco de España where the employees explained to them the different services they offer to the general public such as the exchange of pesetas into euros, the withdrawal […]

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Year 7 Hour of Code

Our Year 7 students were very concentrated during the Hour of Code where they had the chance to learn the basics of programming and understand that anybody is able to code in a fun and simple way. These exercises help […]

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Christmas Food Collection Campaign

At this time of the year we ask for your help in order to collect food for all of those who are in need. Each year you keep surprising us with your contribution in this food collection campaign, something we […]

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Year 13 University Studies Talk

A few weeks ago our Year 13 students enjoyed a talk with Álvaro Chiner who came to talk about the decisions he had to make when he was going to university. We believe that addressing this topic is important because […]

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Year 2 Príncipe Felipe Museum Robots

Currently robots are becoming part of our daily life and programming skills are considered to be an essential tool for both our present and near future. This is why we took our Year 2 students to discover the secrets related […]

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Christmas is Here!

We are back from our long weekend and Christmas is nearly here! Our children can’t wait to see Father Christmas in school and as you can see, everything is ready for the special occasion. Just like our children, let’s not […]

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Book Day Winners

Here we have this year’s winners! We would like to congratulate BSV readers who had the chance to pick the book they wanted as their prize. We hope you all have a fantastic long weekend!

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Year 1 Print Museum

The children in Year 1 went to the Print Museum where they had the chance to meet someone very special, Johannes Gutenberg the father of the printing press. He showed them all the hidden secrets involved in the use of […]

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Friday Clubs

Let’s celebrate the end of the week with our Friday Clubs! The best way to start the weekend!

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Year 4 Dragons and Vikings

After studying the Vikings there is no better way to finish the topic than going on a trip to find out more about the hidden dragons in Valencia. Our journey began at the Plaza del Patriarca to see the Real […]

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Year 5 Fundación Bancaja Andreu Alfaro Exhibition

Year 5 visited the exhibition of the Valencian artist Andreu Alfaro, one of the main Spanish sculptors of the 20th century. In his artwork students discovered the way in which he used mathematics in his sculptures and how he was […]

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Year 8 Valltorta Caves

This time we enjoyed a perfect weather which allowed us to visit the Cueva de los Caballos (Horse Cave), a prehistoric cave located at the Valltorta Gorge. Part of the Spanish History syllabus of the Year 8 students has been […]

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Pre-Nursery Christmas is coming!

Christmas is nearly here and our Pre-Nursery children are working very hard to decorate their classroom whilst they make some very special Christmas cards for their parents. Let the countdown begin!

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Year 12 Cortes Valencianas

Here you have the photos of our Year 12 students in the visit they did to the Valencian Parliament, the main legislative body of the Valencian Community. They learnt about the history of the building called Benicarló’s Palace or Palace […]

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Bake Sale Fundraiser Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

Our Year 13 students have organised a Bake Sale Fundraiser for all their schoolmates and teachers. The money they’ve raised will help the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, an organisation that fights to end Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy. They have […]

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Reception ‘Antiguo Almacén de Dientes’

A few weeks ago we visited our friends from the ‘El Antiguo Almacén de Dientes’ so that they could explain to our Reception students how does the Ratoncito Pérez (Tooth Fairy) and the rest of his friends work. In this […]

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Year 3 Stone Age

Our Year 3 students have travelled back in time studying about life in the Stone Age. They’ve discovered the world of fossils creating their own using clay, they also had to draw some cave paintings and they even had the […]

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Odd Socks Day BSV

Yesterday we all celebrated Odd Socks Day and we had a great time! Let’s take a stand against bullying, #ChooseRespect.

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Year 10 Gandía of the Borgia Family

 Our Year 10 students discovered more about the history of Gandía going on the route of the Borgia family. They visited the historic centre and the main sights of the city which included the Church of Santa María, the Archaeological […]

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Odd Socks Day

Anti-Bullying Week Odd Socks Day

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week and this year’s theme is CHOOSE RESPECT. On Monday 12th we are celebrating Odd Socks Day to help raise awareness around anti-bullying. Children can come to school wearing their normal Monday uniform but with crazy socks […]

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Nursery Pizza

Our Nursery children got very creative with their teachers making some pizza portraits. They’ve currently been learning about themselves and what do they look like so using a rolling pin to roll out the dough, they had to make faces […]

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Holland Day Valencia 2018

On October 30th our Secondary and 6th Form students received the visit of different Dutch universities which included Breda University, HZ University and Fontys University. After an introductory speech, our students had the chance to visit the different university stands […]

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6th Form Art Group Gallery Sporting Club Ruzafa

Our 6th Form students who are currently studying AS and A Level Art & Design visited the Sporting Club Ruzafa Art Gallery to live a unique experience. They had the opportunity to discover the work of several artists, especially the […]

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Year 7 Simat de la Valldigna

Wonderful day with our Year 7 students visiting Simat de la Valldigna where we had the chance to go the Monastery and the Chapel of Santa Ana. They all became detectives in order to solve a fictitious crime, the murder […]

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Premios de Excelencia Cambridge

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

We are very proud to announce that our former student Andrea Pérez Navarro who is currently studying Medicine at the Imperial College London, has been awarded the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for gaining the Highest Mark in Spain for Cambridge […]

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Year 3 Vialdea

Great day with Year 3 at the Vialdea Road Security Park. In this small town designed for children they could not wait to drive along the circuit respecting all the road safety regulations which included traffic signs, traffic lights and […]

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World Challenge Tanzania 2018

This summer, 13 students from BSV went to Tanzania to promote education in rural countries. They were able to travel thanks to the World Challenge company that helped them organise the expedition. It consisted of 4 phases: acclimatization, trekking, project […]

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Year 9 Climate Change Observatory and Cabañal Market

Year 9 visited the Climate Change Observatory where they discovered more about this topic and how do human activities contribute to climate change. They watched an interactive video to learn the importance of the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle […]

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Pre-Nursery Autumn

Our youngest have finished their autumn display where first of all they had to collect leaves around the playground with their teachers help. This is how they used the leaves to decorate the tree in their class.

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Tanzania Students Talks

Last week the group of students who participated in the World Challenge Tanzania travelling to a small village called Msosa, wanted to share their experience with all the Secondary and Primary students. Along with Mr Neethling the teacher in charge […]

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Nursery Sensory Play with Jelly

Sensory play activities never fail as children really enjoy them and they also are a great way of helping them to explore through their senses. First of all our Nursery children began smelling the jelly trying to identify its flavour […]

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Foto 2-10-18 10 36 57

Evacuation Drill

This morning we conducted an evacuation drill, a security procedure which developed satisfactorily. The students evacuated the school with their teachers in a timely and orderly manner following all safety regulations in order to get to the meeting point.

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Year 9 Spanish Language Make up a Story

In their Spanish language class our Year 9 students have participated in a very interesting activity. Divided up into small groups they have played ‘Make up a Story’, a creative writing game in which they had to use different dice […]

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BSV Awards for Academic Excellence

As we have been doing over the past few years, BSV values effort and talent, qualities that make a difference and add even more value to the academic results achieved by our students. We are very proud to announce that […]

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Year 12 and 13 International University Talks

Today at BSV we’ve welcomed four different international universities that came to talk about their studies to our Year 12 and Year 13 students. We’ve had the pleasure to welcome Università Bocconi in Milan which focuses on business and economic […]

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Reception Shelley Tortoise

It’s Friday and Miss Gillian had a very special surprise for the children in Reception. They’ve had the chance to meet Shelley the tortoise and they all loved the experience! We believe it’s necessary to teach the students the importance […]

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