Work Experience Programme

At BSV we have resumed our Work Experience Programme, a career guidance programme for the Year 11 students. This initiative allows them to spend several days in a company to see what a real work environment looks like.

The main objective of this orientation programme is to get students in touch with real working environments for them to acquire a broader vision that will help them decide on their future studies and professional careers.  

This year we have had different companies from different sectors where we could find; marketing, sports, medical, legal and industrial fields for students to live this immersive experience.

Based on what they like and their professional aspirations, the programme coordinators have guided them when choosing the company.

In the words of some of the students participating in the programme:

“I would recommend this programme to all my classmates no matter what they are interested in studying. Everyone in the company has been so friendly and they’ve answered all our questions clearly and in detail”.

“It was an incredible experience which helped me learn about many things in different areas of what professionals do in the world of law. Thank you very much for such a great opportunity!”.

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