Peer Education Project – Mental Health

Throughout this school year the Year 12 students have participated in the Peer Education Project regarding mental health. They have been in charge of giving a total of five classes divided into different sessions to the Year 8 groups. In these sessions they have covered basic mental health awareness, different ways to stay well, as well as the importance of seeking help and how to support others.

We also believe that this project is a great way for our students to practice public speaking and facilitation skills, boost self-confidence and esteem and gain new knowledge about mental health.  

In the words of our Year 12 students: “We learnt how to discuss mental health in a concise yet honest way as well as being able to bridge the age gap between Sixth Form and younger students which has been extremely rewarding”.

We will continue with this project on the next school year with the idea of orienting BSV towards a whole-school approach plan related to mental health.

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