Cognita Spain offers a Webinars programme to all the teaching staff

Thanks to the ongoing training offered by the Cognita Schools Group during this lockdown, the entire BSV team has had the opportunity to continue their training thanks to a series of webinars that have allowed them to acquire new knowledge in different learning areas.

These webinars counted with the participation of different staff members from Cognita Spain schools. In the case of BSV, one of our science teachers, Miss Blanca, was in charge of the “Micro-gamification with educational breakouts” webinar which dealt with the way in which breakout games or escape rooms can be introduced either in online or face-to-face learning. This way, students were challenged to solve a series of puzzles using different codes that had to do with the subject that they were currently studying.

Behind every great project there is a great professional, and that has been the case with Sabrina Espasandin. She is the Digital Learning Adviser at Cognita Spain, a key role in the digital transformation of schools, and the driving force in this amazing initiative.

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