BSV open its New Facilities for the Early Years and 6th Form students with a virtual event with their families

For the 2020-2021 school year, British School of Valencia opened its new facilities for the 6th Form students with the creation of a new reception area, a makerspace as well as workings pods, new offices and lockers for the students.

The Early Years area has also been completely renovated creating a new independent entrance, dynamic and flexible spaces, full of natural lighting and bright colours designed especially for the youngest students.

Thanks to a series of virtual events hosted by the BSV Headteacher, Neil John Barnes as well as Germà Rigau, Managing Director of Cognita Spain and Fidelma Murphy, Director of Education Spain. The BSV community had the chance to see these new facilities and learn more about the benefits these new spaces will bring to the students.

 In the words of BSV’s headteacher: “In these new spaces, students have the opportunity to be the masters of their own learning in a safe environment which allows them to decide the way they want to learn. In this sense we have managed to differentiate the transition from Secondary to 6th Form where pre-university students begin to prepare for adulthood”.

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