Letter from the Director

Pedro L. García Santafé

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our web page, where we hope to portray British School of Valencia’s educational vision and philosophy. Our objective is to offer our pupils an excellent education in an international school environment, ensuring they feel happy, safe and supported, whilst developing their personal and social skills right from the onset of their learning journey.

From its foundation in 1992, the school has been improving its facilities, infrastructure and resources, adapting its academic offer in order to respond to the changing demands over time and to guarantee the best preparation for our students. However, despite our constant adaptation, BSV’s staff objectives, ideas and dedication have remained intact since the day it was founded.

Our hope is that our students feel at home and motivated. We hope the work we do with them awakens their intellectual curiosity, creativity, reflexion, critical thinking and the ability to face new challenges successfully. In summary, we hope for them to achieve the passion to learn and to discover, whilst exploring different ways to see the world through tolerance and respect. These skills will enable them to understand their environment and will accompany them throughout adulthood.

At British School of Valencia we follow the British curriculum, which allows us to offer an excellent education that extends beyond the academic environment. An education, which as director of BSV, I am proud of experiencing daily from our current students and from our visiting alumni, who are immersed in their university studies or their chosen professional career.

There are many outstanding aspects of BSV. As well as those mentioned above, I would like to highlight our pupils’ excellent results in A-Levels and Selectivity, which allows them to continue their studies in the most prestigious Spanish and European universities, as well as their ability to communicate in three languages and the IT programming skills incorporated in our curriculum. I encourage you to visit our web page, where our offer is described in more detail.

It is a great satisfaction to share daily work with an excellent team of professionals, teachers and non-teachers and to be part of a community as special as the BSV. Our intention is to let you know who we are, what we do and our career path, objectives and future projects. However there are aspects which are not easy to reflect on the web, therefore we invite you to personally visit us and see our school’s environment.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Pedro L. García Santafé 
Director of British School of Valencia