Language Qualifications

At the British School of Valencia we are aware that having studied a foreign language from a very young age is not, on occasion, deemed sufficient to certify an official proficiency in the language. Which is why, bearing in mind future situations our pupils might face, we offer qualifications in various languages, in line with the standards set forth by the following bodies: Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference and the UK National Qualifications Framework.


At the British School of Valencia we follow the sequence of exams set by the UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE ESOL Examinations. Pupils passing these exams will obtain what are currently considered the standard English language qualifications both in academic and professional terms.

The CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH (CPE), certifying level C2 (maximum level), is widely recognised and complies with the admission requirements in terms of English language fluency by the vast majority of higher education institutions and private companies around the world.

The sequence of levels is as follows:

French, German and Mandarin Chinese

Currently, all pupils continuing French studies in higher secondary education up to A Level sit the B2 language certificate exam. As of the 2013-14 academic year, and following the objectives set out in our educational project, all pupils will take at least one third foreign language, German or Mandarin Chinese. Thus completing their Higher Secondary Education studies with a certified B2 level in one of the following three languages: French, German or Mandarin Chinese

The corresponding qualification in each case is:

Valencian Language

Valencian Language is an optional subject in Higher Secondary Education stages. Pupils taking the subject will prepare and sit the ‘Mitjá‘ exam.