The Chair of Governors

Commitment to excellence is one of the pillars on which our day to day in British School of Valencia is based. It is, therefore, a great privilege to count on the guidance of the Chair of Governors who supports us in maintaining school standards whilst ensuring we focus on helping each and every pupil achieve their true potential.

To this end, our Chair of Governors works together with the School Leadership Team to ensure the best possible academic outcomes and a clear vision of the values and strategic planning for British School of Valencia. This figure also monitors both our professionals’ and our students’ performance, optimising and overseeing the management of all school resources is carried out in an optimal way.

Undoubtedly a valuable asset who allows us to meet the very highest of levels whilst enabling us to prepare for the challenges of the future.

Chris Eversden

Assistant Director of Education Spain​

After studying History and then Education at Nottingham University in England, I began my career as a teacher in North London. As an inexperienced 21-year-old teacher, I chose the most challenging and hostile working environment that I could find to learn as much about classroom management and discipline techniques as quickly as I could.

From London I moved to work in Washington D.C. in the USA as a Fulbright exchange programme teacher where I was inspired by the maturity of the students and their determination to work hard and create great futures for themselves. After a brief spell teaching back in London, I became a Middle Manager in an International School in Mexico City where I developed my ability to lead teams and improved my administrative efficiency…