Early Years Foundation Stage / 2 to 5

Pupils access this first stage of education at two years of age (Pre-Nursery). Most new pupils join the school at this stage. The reason this is so important is that over the Foundation Levels the sole vehicular learning language is English.

This stage covers three year groups:

This is when we introduce and lay the foundation for the English language skills which will be used for learning over the following stages. Learning at this age is based on very specific mechanisms that are very different to those of older children.

Classes for the smallest children follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales over the Foundation Levels.

The objectives set for this stage are split into three prime areas which are used to teach four specific areas. These prime areas are:


  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development



  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive arts and Design

A friendly, trusting and happy atmosphere

We place special emphasis on encouraging pupils to develop their abilities in a friendly, trusting and happy environment. Our youngest pupils are integrated into school life and the particular characteristics of our teaching methods quickly and easily through specially decorated classrooms, available resources and the professionalism and care of our teaching staff.

Pedagogical Supervision

The Foundation Stage (Primary School) is organised by the Teaching Director, who sets, subject to the approval of the school’s overall teaching management, the guidelines to be followed to ensure the transition from one year to the next is fluid and ensures the objectives set for these initial years are met. Our qualified teaching staff are in charge of teaching the pupils of each individual class.

In Pre-Nursery classes the teachers work alongside two full time learning support assistants in each class to ensure the children at this age receive the careful attention they require. This is then maintained for the Nursery and Reception years although there is only one assistant.

Independent playground and dining room

Pupils in this stage have their own playground facilities, with play equipment suitable for their age. They are monitored by members of staff at all times during their playtime.

Likewise, pupils in these years also have their own dining room with menus and timetables adapted to their age and school day.