Letter from the Director

Carmen Santafé Company

Having the opportunity to walk around the school every day, I cannot help but remember its beginnings and wonder at the evolution that has made British School of Valencia the school it is today. Although if something has remained unchanged it is the enthusiasm with which we do our job, an enthusiasm which has remained intact and which I do my best to transmit to the wonderful teaching staff that join me in teaching our pupils.

I would like to use this new website to express how proud I am of the learning environment and climate of coexistence which pervades the school after these more than 20 years of teaching; this has led the British School of Valencia to be like home-away-from-home for our pupils.

Academic learning, excellent results and language learning from the first years alongside a personal education based on respect and tolerance, aimed at stimulating creativity, thoughtfulness, initiative and personal effort all make our school special. We strive to ensure each boy and girl, each pupil feels unique, understood, appreciated and loved.

It is an enormous pleasure to lead this school, with its broad international outlook and the way in which we contribute to providing our pupils with the tools they need to be self-reliant and for their future success. If you would like to get to know us better, begin by either browsing this site, or even better, visit us in person and see for yourself all the details, both big and small, which would be impossible to include on this website.

Warmest regards,

Carmen Santafé Company

Director of the British School of Valencia