British School of Valencia


The British School of Valencia is a British teaching institution located in the centre of the city of Valencia, founded in 1992. From the beginning it has sought to offer a distinct teaching model, basing its educational project on the two key pillars of respect and tolerance and where the pupils can continue with their ongoing personal development over their time at school. In addition it aimed to ensure pupils’ consolidated learning in a foreign language from a very early age, responding to the growing demands of today’s society.

Initially the centre opened its doors only for primary school pupils, deciding to include a further academic level each school year. This model takes time, but it has allowed us to ensure the application of the teaching model we originally envisaged at all times. It is extremely satisfying to see how boys and girls who started primary school with us, today having finished school, are now young people with an excellent academic and personal preparation who are able to tackle their university studies with confidence and enthusiasm.

In 1995 the centre underwent a significant expansion, maintaining its original location as one of its key assets. Work started on the new two-floor building including a second playground, sporting areas and facilities, and other spaces designed to house the Primary School as a whole.

Over the following years the number of pupils continued to grow. In 1996 the school had over 200 pupils, and over the years ongoing improvements and extensions were made to the existing facilities. In 1999 the buildings that today house the Secondary School were built, featuring classrooms with modern audio-visual equipment, science labs, an arts hall, libraries and an IT centre. All the classrooms are fitted with Ethernet and WiFi connections, meaning the centre’s intranet can be used as an additional teaching resource by staff and pupils.

The expansion and improvement of our facilities has been continuous since the school was founded. This is evidenced by the opening of new facilities in 2004, built to complete the already existing Primary School buildings, in addition to the enlargement of our recreational spaces.

The inclusion of the Higher Secondary Education levels, as well as the planned and progressive inclusion of new pupils, encompass the school’s main activities from 2007 until the present day.

The British School of Valencia is today a widely recognised school, due largely to the endorsement of our educational work on behalf of parents who, year after year and in increasing numbers, continue to allow us to collaborate with them in the all-important task of educating and teaching their children.

British School of Valencia

Educational Project

From its beginnings in 1992 the British School of Valencia has pursued a teaching strategy which strives to offer our pupils an excellent academic background and a well-rounded education that will be useful to them in adult life. Based on the British education model, our teaching aims to strengthen the cultural ties between Britain and Spain, encouraging the integration of our pupils and motivating and stimulating them at both an academic and personal level. Academic excellence over the whole of our pupils’ time at school is our most pressing priority.

An essential aspect of our educational project is the learning of a second and third language. In addition to being taught subjects in English, our pupils of course learn Spanish, and French is taught as a second foreign language to all pupils in the final stage of primary education. And since we are aware of the importance of language learning today, our pupils are also given the chance to learn German, Mandarin Chinese and Valencian.

At the British School of Valencia we attach great importance to the values of respect, tolerance and open-mindedness. We also place special emphasis on pupils’ self-organisation, encouraging critical thinking, personal effort, teamwork and strong study habits as a means of all-round personal development, fostering their individuality and social integration in order to tackle future social and professional responsibilities. Order, respect and proper bearing and conduct are also essential pillars of school life.
To make our educational project a reality we rely on the essential contribution of our highly qualified teaching staff, made up of British and Spanish staff, the latter for teaching Spanish language and culture, who show outstanding dedication, professionalism and commitment to the personal development of every pupil.

Since the British School of Valencia is certified and recognised by both the British and Spanish education authorities, our pupils not only obtain the relevant British Secondary Education and Higher Secondary Education qualifications but also, having studied Spanish Language and Culture and the language of our Autonomous Region, the Secondary Education qualification from the Spanish education system.