25 November 2014

7th European Forum of Freedom and Education

Last Saturday 15th of November took place in Madrid the 7th European Forum of Freedom and Education with eminent speakers from Spain, Britain, Canada and the United States all present to discuss the future of education and the implementation of new technologies in the classroom. These experts are revolutionizing teaching with models which renew the links between teaching and learning, teacher and student, classroom and e-learning, and who stand out in today’s educational field.

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of Madrid, Lucía Figar, opened the event talking about the importance of change and innovation in education, focusing on the importance of learning English at an early age as it would allow students to acquire great knowledge of a foreign language, something basic and essential for proper academic training which would allow future generations to operate in a global world and face future challenges.

Emilio Duró partner, entrepreneur and external advisor to large business companies, opened the conference with a motivational and hilarious monologue which set us up for the day ahead.

The renowned English educator Richard Gerver, gave this keynote speech on implementing change followed by educators from Ottawa, on the changing role of the teacher both in and out of the classroom environment. “In a world obsessed with results, where everything is high risk, high speed and high pressure; how can we even begin to bring our teams towards change? How can we find ways to communicate and explore new approaches? We will learn how to provide the vision and the reasons for change through effective leadership techniques. Discover how to help our people to regain our children’s creativity, imagination and enthusiasm. Discover how to create and maintain a strong, dynamic, flexible and adaptable culture”.

After the break, five eminent speakers from distinct educational perspectives led an ‘Idea Lab’ and debate on teaching methodologies. The day ended with an inspiring talk about the use of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and new technologies led by Curt Bonk from Indiana University. All in all, a really interesting, thought-provoking and enjoyable event that left us to consider the direction we want to follow regarding education on the 21st century.

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