The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

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British School of Valencia will offer the students the opportunity to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a world’s leading youth achievement accolade which brings together practical experiences and skills that will equip young people for life.

The Award is voluntary, non-competitive, enjoyable and balanced, and requires the effort of all the students over time. The only people they compete against are themselves, by challenging their own beliefs about what they are able to achieve and how they can improve.

There are three levels to The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award:

Bronze (for those over 14 years old)

Silver (for those over 15 years old)

Gold (for those over 16 years old)

The students are in charge of designing their own Award programme, set their own goals and record their progress, which highlights the uniqueness of the Award in being independent and self-regulating.

They have to choose between:

Service: g. volunteering at a hospital or local care home.

Skills: g. musical abilities; singing, playing an instrument…

Physical Recreation: g. ball sports, water sports…

Adventurous Journey: g. completing a demanding journey by foot, cycle, canoe or kayak.

Residential Project: (in order to achieve a Gold Award): they have to spend five days and four nights taking part in a shared, worthwhile activity with other participants from all around the world.

What skills and attitudes will the participants of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award develop?

Self-belief and self-confidence as they pursue new talents, abilities, and skills.

They learn valuable practical and social skills for their future career development.

They gain more sense of responsibility as they combine elements of leadership and team working skills.

The different areas in which the Award is divided up will help to foment their independence.

A real awareness of their strengths and the ability to overcome their weaknesses.

The ability to plan and use time effectively.

The ability to learn from and give to others in the community, in school…

They are able to make new friends as they broaden their horizons from a school-centric to community-centric ethos.

Problem solving, develop communication and presentation skills in challenging circumstances.

The participants in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award will develop a series of abilities and skills, which will help them to become more rounded, confident adults, some qualities that both universities and employers are really attracted to.

For more information you may visit The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award web page:

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