Language Exchange: British School of Valencia with L’École Communale de Saint – Ganton and Le Collège Victor Hugo in France

In BSV we believe this initiative is an excellent way to encourage our students the practise of other languages, an essential tool in our days that will help them to develop new social skills making it easier for them to join the professional world. We believe this is a dynamic and interesting way to learn, something that will greatly benefit our students making them step outside of their comfort zone to face new challenges they will have to surpass. They will learn to interact with foreign students, discover a different country and learn how to behave in situations they are not used to whilst practising a foreign language.


1. Learning objectives of this cultural linguistic project:

The pupil realises that French can be used for real-life communication and not just in artificial situation.

It does not require fluency.

Instils confidence as they can communicate effectively at a basic level.

Helps to foster positive attitudes towards foreign language learning.

Facilitates intercultural understanding as the pupil can learn about French culture through a French peer.

Has inherent cross-curricular links to geography, literacy and ICT.

It is a fun and wonderful way to make a new foreign friend.


2. Presentation of the schools:

The first school is L’École Communale de Saint-Ganton, a small public school located in Brittany, in which the teachers and management feel very enthusiastic about setting up a link with our school.

The second school is Le Collège Victor Hugo, one of the oldest schools located in Narbonne, right in the heart of the city. Both the teachers and the school management seem thrilled with the idea of setting up a language exchange with BSV students.


3. Overview of the intercultural communication through letters:

 September – October 2015  First letter: Let me introduce myself
 November – December 2015  Second letter: What are you like? When is your birthday?
 January – February 2016  Third letter: My family
 March – April 2016  Fourth letter: My hobbies
 May – June 2016  Fifth letter: My school


4. Students will have to:

Write the date in French and the place where the letter is from.

Write their name, their age and the place where they live.

Say whether they are a boy or a girl.

Talk about what they like and what they don’t like to do, their hobbies…

End up their letters by saying good-bye to their pen friend.

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