BSV Newspaper Team

Good morning! From the offices of the school newspaper, we present this year’s topics in our exciting, weekly newspaper.

This year we will talk about controversial and more general topics such as food and excursions.

There will also be a section of interviews with teachers and changes in the whole school, not just secondary.

In addition, we will inform you of all the news within the school, such as holidays, so that you don´t have to take your children to school! We will also give details of important international dates.

In addition, we will also notify you of all cultural activities that require a change of uniform and activities that parents can participate in.

Each week you will receive a new blog (or two if we are feeling inspired!).

Best regards,

The Newspaper Team.


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British School of Valencia ha creado este espacio para poder compartir con todos vosotros información de actualidad relacionada con el entorno académico para así manteneros informados acerca de los avances en el mundo de la educación que tienen un impacto positivo en la formación y educación de nuestros alumnos.

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