6th Form: GCE AS and A Level / 16 to 18

British School of Valencia offers its pupils the chance of finishing their higher secondary education studies following the British Education System.

This stage covers two year groups

GCE-General Certificate of Education

The subjects taken over this stage (GCE-General Certificate of Education) are divided into two parts which, in general and with a few exceptions, are studied in order during the first and second year, respectively. In the first year, pupils take the first part of the different subjects, corresponding to the Advanced Supplementary level (AS); in the second, the subject is completed by taking the Advanced Level of the corresponding subject, thus completing an A Level.

One of the advantages of this type of studies is the great versatility it offers pupils when putting together the structure of their higher secondary education studies with the guidance and advice of tutors and teachers. This, as well as intensifying academic preparation, fosters motivation and the manner in which pupils tackle to last two years of school life.

Over this stage pupils must complete between four and six advanced level subjects by the end of Year 13. The level of study is much more highly specialised than European type secondary education, particularly the Spanish system, and subjects are taught in much more depth.

The syllabus for this stage is made up of the following common subjects which are taken over Year 12 and Year 13:

  • English Language (AS/AL)
  • Spanish Language (AL)

GCE subjects

Three or four subjects should be chosen from each section and depending on the syllabus chosen.
They are taken over Year 12 and Year 13


  • Mathematics (AL)
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • IT and Applied IT
  • Technical Drawing
  • Art and Design


  • Mathematics/Statistics
  • Thinking Skills
  • Global Perspectives
  • Geography
  • History
  • Economics/Business studies
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • French/German/Chinese
  • Art and Design
  • IT and Applied IT
  • Latin
  • Music

Depending on pupils’ preferences, aptitudes and skills and the studies they aspire to go on to, the educational offer is structured in five blocks including the subjects mentioned above as either common or modal subjects. The Careers Guidance Department advises pupils when deciding which set of subjects best suits their interests and best prepares them for their university studies.

These syllabuses are related directly with university degree studies and are as follows: